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Should we use Twitter to promote HA?

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Re: Should we use Twitter to promote HA?

Postby PeterAndrewNolan » August 18th, 2014, 8:52 pm

Winston wrote:Does anyone here know anything about Twitter? How do you use it? Do you just create a page and post updates on it? Should we use Twitter to promote HA?

When I look at Twitter, it looks kind of cheesy and dumb. I can't believe it's so popular.

How do you promote something on Twitter? And how do you get followers? Do you just put a Follow Me button on your site? If so, where do you get it from?


Hi Winston,
I am using twitter for my political activities. For this it is excellent because you can write on the timeline of many politicians etc and they can not delete it like they can on their facebooks. When I call Tony Abbot a war criminal on his facebook his staff just delete it. But they can not delete the same said on block me would just be an admission of culpability.

Here is a list of the twitter accounts I am following. I have done things like denounce senior EU political figures for allowing the Irish government to commit crimes against me. ... aspx#11371

If anyone else here wants to follow me or see what I am doing? Here is my twitter.
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Postby PeterAndrewNolan » August 18th, 2014, 9:01 pm

Winston wrote:Update:

I just set up our HA Twitter Page. Here it is. Go to the link below and click Follow to subscribe. Thanks.

Hi Winston,
if you start working on following people on twitter? Can you post the people you are following like this? Then I can click on them and decide if I want to follow them as well.

It is very effective to have conversations with people on twitter with a lot of followers. I had a guy in Ireland with 2,500 followers try and troll me. I saw he was reposting my comments to his we talked for about 2 hours.....I picked up more than 12 followers and one of my tweets to him had 600+ views. So even though he was trying to troll me the young men watching realised I was telling the truth and came over to me to find out what I was all about.

Twitter is great for putting your ideas in front of people who would never have heard of you by talking to people who have a lot of follower.

It is also great for exposing man-haters to their followers. ... aspx#11371

Notice I posted this a while ago. This man lies and says women get the same penalty as men for crimes...and he has 7,000 followers. So I exposed him as the liar and man-hater he is...he was not happy about that. ... highlight=
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