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Post by Anatol » September 17th, 2014, 11:37 pm


Gentlemen, I will be making some uncouth references in this posting. I humbly beg your pardon for this!

Christianity has fallen to feminism. It was the first faith to do so, obviously, since feminism was fully ENCOURAGED by American men. I remember seeing on television in the late '90s how American men who were that time in charge of marketing literally pulled remaining housewives out of the houses to make money from them. These men were 40 years old at that time and so didn't care about what happens to future generations. This was bound to happen because America's basis is a capitalistic nation. At this time it is necessary to make a note before continuing to the main point ~

[~} Christianity was always superimposing itself on the top but the bottom {(real foundation)} was capitalism. This is also why total free speech is not compatible with Christianity. If one looks at the newspapers from 1850 to present in U.S.A., they are full of aspersions and libel about people. 'This guy was evil. That guy is bad. This guy was doing this wrongly.' American culture is basically war-like and its history is replete with very bellicose interactions between people {(gunfights)}. Obviously, this isn't what much of the Bible tells one to do. Yet one will also find many verses in the Bible lauding violence and conversion by the sword. This contradiction is something endemic to Abrahamic faiths {(Judaism, Christianity and Islam)}. Arabic men were/are the same way and very tribal. Islam is also full of contradictory statements, with peace being the only solution and 2 Surrahs later, verses saying that violence is the only solution. This is probably because many different men wrote the texts at different times. Or perhaps someone changed the writings later on and this may have occurred many times. Also, as many men have pointed out, Christianity and Islam can be thought of as amalgamations of tribalism ~ paganism and religion, and this has been the state of the Western and Arabic worlds for centuries. But because the U.S.A. is the sole superpower the last 20 years, we must limit the purview to current events.

{ | } Resumption of main point { | }

Next to fall to feminism was Christianity in the rest of the Western world and Russia {(starting about 20 years ago)}. Next to fall were Confucian/Buddhist China and Hindu India {(also starting around 20 ~ 15 years ago)}. Islam didn't fall but it was betrayed by the puppet governments in the Arab nations. One of the reasons that the world embraced U.S.A.'s culture is that the U.S.S.R. {(U.S.S.R. ~ one of the greatest empires the world has ever known!!!!! As powerful as America 30 years ago but its economy was too small to compete)} fell and by coincidence, the modern internet came into existence just 7 years later. With most of the world catching up economically to U.S.A. and rejecting the Soviet model after its fall, coupled with the internet's ability to disseminate information instantaneously and the American government's desire for global hegemony {(giving bribes ~ threats ~ both bribes and threats to stupid leaders of other nations)}, the circumstances were very favourable for American culture to spread.

Hence the real question is ~ What would the world's culture be if feminism had NOT taken over American culture? It seems that it would have the Wal-Marts, McDonald's' {(but McDonald's would not be as successful because women would be at home cooking dinners for the family)}, corporations, etc. There would be mobile-phones and computers and video games. America would be proselytising to the world about Christianity and the benefits of capitalism. Obviously, it would be a normal patriarchal world and there would be very very few females in the media, advertisements, driving, sports, Olympics, academics, politics, etc. {(few females having importance is excellent because normal, mentally-healthy, energetic men have NO DESIRE to live in a woman's world or have women in political-power over them or see masculine females)}. But would there be M.T.V.? Would there be rap music? Would there be unregulated chat-rooms and unregulated chat-forums on the internet? Would there be filth shown on the internet and T.V.? Would there be females dressed like str*mpets in the streets everywhere? Would there be as many people on anti-depressants? Would there be g**-rights? Would there be as many p**-marital re*ations and divorces? Would there be shirts that say 'I'm a madman and proud of it'? Would there be 1/10th the amount of foul language there is today? Would people be in as much of a hurry? Would there be rampant consumerism? In essence ~ would there be as much societal decay? I feel most of these wouldn't be there because Christianity would be quite strong. However, it's difficult to be certain because it's difficult to gauge the exact amount of effect that feminism has had subconsciously on men's minds. This makes it hard to say how many of these were borne solely due to or exacerbated by feminism. Perhaps if feminism hadn't been there, many of these would have started but not survived. One supposes we will never know now!

This is why it was so important for Russia ~ China ~ India {(didn't need to be 2 or all 3)} to never accept feminism. If the leaders of just 1 of these 3 great civilisations had sat down and studied American history and compared it and contempary American culture with their own culture, they should have easily been able to discern that feminism is the root cause of much of the problems within U.S.A. the last 30 years. It's so apparent. This is why I continue to be baffled as to why NONE of these great traditional enemies of the West and great patriarchal cultures didn't ban America from entry into their nations.

[~} I will give additional input later. This author welcomes forthright opinions on what has been written so far. What would the lives of billions of humans be right now in a NORMAL world that was free of evil feminism? {~]

~~~~ [{(Out of the frigid ice to the North that no man had ever laid foot on, evil in the form of a man called Agahnim The Wizard came and he cast a type of magic never seen before by mortals. But together with the Ball-And-Chain Trooper and his faithful Master Sword, Link repulsed him and the IMPRISONING WAR was ended, to become the things of legend!)}] ~~~~

The evil that is the purest evil possible is feminism and it must be pushed back into its keep!

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