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What stops people from going abroad?

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What psychological barriers stop you from going abroad?

The prospect of finding a job in a new country is too daunting
I don't know where to start
No votes
I'm worried that people will scam me/take advantage of me
No votes
I'm skeptical/having doubts that it'd be worth it
No votes
Fear of homesickness
I don't yet feel confident enough to travel alone
No votes
Total votes : 2

What stops people from going abroad?

Postby mattyman » October 10th, 2014, 6:51 pm

Of all those people who are in an unhappy place, and who are not doing anything about it, I simply want to find out WHY? I have strong reason to believe that a lot of the people who talk and don't act are facing barriers that if not financial, are psychological.

I just want to have a quick probe about and get an understanding of what people's main fears are with regards to travelling or living abroad.

I've already had a few stints in Spain, France, Italy and the Netherlands, doing various volunteering gigs and travelling alone. This has been good practice for more serious longer term travel. I'm very well aware of some of the concerns some people might face when travelling alone.

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Postby Billy » October 10th, 2014, 8:15 pm

It´s damn expensive and you need ass long time to adapt mainly to poor shit hole countries where your legal rights are almost non existent. You are on your own without help from your friends and family at home.

It´s not exactly rocket science.
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