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Japan's Recent History

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Japan's Recent History

Post by Anatol » October 20th, 2014, 5:06 am


[~} Firstly, I must explain what I assign the nomenclature of 'The Quality Of Life' ~ This term will be used frequently in the following statements in my theory.

The 'quality of life' can only be gauged by someone with an accurate barometre to gauge it against. For example, if a poor man has always been poor, then he won't ever know what a rich man's life is. He will see rich men driving expensive cars and wearing expensive watches but he won't actually have the experience of it. However, a rich man who becomes trapped by penurious poverty has had the experience of living as a rich man. Hence, the memories of it are the barometre which will trouble him during his reign of poverty. Similarly, the males who are now growing up with feminism being normal, will be like the poor men who have never been rich. They will read in stories how it was with 2 unique genders complementing each other. They will see photographs of it in history books. This may even evince a desire for the patriarchy in them, as all normal males have a predilection for it! However, like the born-poor man who is trapped in the system of poverty and hence cannot change anything, these males will likewise be trapped in a feminist world. And so, actually living in the TRUTH will remain but a resplendent dream for them, for they have no actual memories of the patriarchy in their own lives which can serve as a barometre for them ~ On the other side, normal males and I {(men born outside U.S.A. who are 30 and older)} came into a patriarchal world. For us, that patriarchal world is the barometre. It was our riches. And like the rich man who becomes a mendicant, the memory of the TRUTH is deeply troubling to us because we actually lived in it ~ for us, the 'quality of life' is abjectly low now!


In my estimation, the following occurred after World War II ~

[~} Japanese men were already obsessed with copying U.S.A. because of having the atom-bombs thrown on them. Hiroh-shimah and Naga-Saakeh made them into cultural and military-slaves because of Stockholm-Syndrome. However, they still felt the subconscious need for retribution and decided to do this economically, on their master's terms {(non-militarily because they didn't want to get into another war with U.S.A., now that their empire was destroyed. U.S.A. didn't allow Japan to build its military at any rate)}. This lead to the next situation ~

[~} Japanese men were already over-worked and prone to stress. Living in a culture with crowded conditions and working 70 hours a week to compete with a superpower thousands of kilometres away {(and one which had a much larger land-mass, population and allies, and dictated the rules of the economic competition)} takes a massive toll on a populace. It leads to a super-competitive culture and stressful and tired people. This lead to the current situation ~

[~} During the late-1980s to the 1950s, Japanese women had the reputation for being the best wives in the world. They were perfect house-wives. However, with the advent of feminism {(women's jobs, women's sports, women's education)} on a mass-scale in Japan in the late 1980s/early 1990s, the Japanese men went mad. As will always happen, a male's brain will get badly affected if females enter the labour-force/society and the females are not under control of their husbands. The Japanese men were already suffering from Stockholm-Syndrome {(coupled with a semi-cognizant desire for revenge against their master)}. This semi-conscious 'itch', coupled with the stress due to the factors mentioned in the previous point, led Japanese culture to decay very quickly during the early 1990s. By the mid-1990s, Japanese culture had become a strange cesspool with all sorts of disgusting things that I cannot even name!!!!! I have heard horror-stories of the kinds of things Japanese men read about and the kind of 'cartoons' in their comics and cartoon-serials. It is a very very very VERY VERY mentally ill nation, even more so than U.S.A.!

[~} Just as China and India and Russia have contacted U.S.A.'s culture when the latter was in serious decline, especially morally, many laymen have wrongly inferred the reason for the advanced Japanese and South Korean infrastructure and technology. These were the product of the hard-work of the patriarchal males from the 1940s-1990s. The reality is that Japan and South Korea, just like U.S.A., are being carried because of momentum of being great societies the last 80 - 50 years. Their ascension wasn't because of feminism! However, every Japanese and South Korean I confabulate with says that "Our females should have been freed eons ago because we could have done so much better." They fail to realise that their suffering in quality of life for mostly the men and children will be because of feminism, and this will manifest itself in the next 10 years.

[~} China, Russia and India also made the same mistake 20 years ago ~ the IDIOTS don't realise that bringing in half the labour-force will get a much bigger monetary and economic reward temporarily ~ however, the quality of life will suffer, most for the males and then the children {(and ultimately for the females as well because they will be deprived of normal mother-hood and wife-hood)}. But the biggest lost is for the males ~ they will be deprived of their masculinity because of the intrusion of the female into the virile, and also because of the effacement of the feminine. There is an even bigger problem because divorces will happen easily ~ this leads to step-children and additional loss of quality of life. We haven't even taken into account the nursing-homes that will be necessary because females won't be there to take care of the parents. Or the evil day-cares that will sprout. Or the sub-human diet of fast-food many days of the week because the wife is not cooking for the family at home.


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