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Why American Men are Born to Travel

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Why American Men are Born to Travel

Post by gibraltar » October 21st, 2014, 7:58 am

Funny thing I actually realized. Most Americans migrated to America. Our ancestors and relatives came to America from another country in the East.

In fact, most of you reading this now share DNA with another person living in Africa, Asia or Europe.

We are born travellers! It's in our blood. Except for the Native Americans, I don't understand why Americans are against visiting other countries.

I guess misery loves company...
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Re: Why American Men are Born to Travel

Post by S_Parc » October 21st, 2014, 3:11 pm

gibraltar wrote: I don't understand why Americans are against visiting other countries.
There's a mind wipe in place. When you arrive in the US, esp if you'd been on a business trip abroad, you start to lose awareness of yourself and begin to think that that this is the only place.

Think about it, if you let's say, take a business trip to Albany NY or Boston MA, does the thought of driving up to Montreal QC to bone a stripper/esc*rt come to mind? No, instead, there's the latest Prime Rib restaurant or theater, or show in the area, which gets evoked. And this in in everyone. Even though guys intellectually know that strippers/esc*rts (and beautiful ones) are available, only one city up north, the attention gets re-directed to let's say the Indian casinos in CT or Atlantic City NJ, etc. So what happens is that American men, because they never end up leaving the USA, end up in the chasing of AW game, and it goes on everywhere, despite the fact that they could go cold turkey on AWs, go to Canada or Mexico for a bang, and come back home relaxed and satisfied.
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