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Best Countries For Young Asian Guy (very little experience)

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Best Countries For Young Asian Guy (very little experience)

Post by Bao3niang » October 23rd, 2014, 5:41 am

As many of you know I am a 19-year old overseas Asian guy. Although this forum is full of bastards and trolls nowadays HA has still saved my life and pulled me out early enough. Anglo bitches are so unattractive. To be honest when I was younger I did lust after and fantasize about getting a white Anglo-Saxon woman but that was just a sense of curiosity. As I grew older my tastes shifted back to Asians, so I've been subconsciously more interested in non-Anglo females even before I knew about HA.

Despite this I have limited to no experience with women. I was in sort of a casual fling with a girl from my hometown (Chongqing) and we kissed but it was just for the fun of it. So what are the best countries for a young guy like me with very little to no experience with the opposite sex for finding a serious girlfriend / partner?

Living costs and other factors considered I'd say going back to live in Asia will still be the most realistic option for me in the near future. I don't like Thai culture and I'm wary of Thais in general, heard too many horror stories. I can't afford to live in Japan or Korea and I don't like their extreme culture either, China may or may not be safe for me in the future because my oppressors are there. Singapore can arguably be counted as part of the Anglosphere because English is its primary language and the people are what you'd expect from an Anglo country.

So, if there are still good posters here, I'd like to know which countries (Asia, Europe, Latin America) are good for a young male with very limited experience. Again I'm marriage / serious minded. I'm not a very masculine guy and not the take charge / decision making type, but certainly not a walkover either.

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Re: Best Countries For Young Asian Guy (very little experien

Post by Anatol » October 23rd, 2014, 6:49 am


Much of your message is full of filthy things but this is because your Chinese generation {(you are only 15 years younger than I am but from a totally different world)} because you grew up in a culture where p**-marital re*ations and male-female friendships are normal. This is because until 20 years ago, few females were in schools in China and India ~ so these two bad things didn't have a chance to occur.

[~} I am white. We are the most aesthetically superior race. It makes sense other races will want a white husband/wife.

[~} Feminism causes a very big issue because it makes the Caucasian female very undesirable to any normal man. This renders her physical superiority useless. This is very unfortunate because as a white male, I never had a desire to be with a non-white wife. It is also very bad because feminist females of any race are not wanted by any normal male.

[~} Da*ing is wrong. You must realise this. Even 20 years ago, the marriage-age in China and India was 20 - 18. This prevented the need for a male to have a g******nd. The only reason da*ing is happening is because of this natural need for the male.

{~} I have never had a re*ation because it's a sin. However, the equally important point is that I have never had close female friends. This phenomenon now of everyone having male-female friendships is only in the last 15 years ANYWHERE in the world! It happened because of total intrusion {(intrusion occurred because of invitation from the males)} by the female into all male areas. It's very wrong and immoral and evil.

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