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When did American girls become so bad

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Re: When did American girls become so bad

Post by fightforlove » December 4th, 2014, 9:33 pm

I was only born in 1981, but I sense there were probably a lot more cool, attractive and submissive women as recently as the 80s/90s, when I was just a kid. The groundwork for feminism and consumerism had been laid down, but it was a simpler world back then. No cell phones, no internet/facebook, young women sat at home by the phone/answering machine and waited for guys to call. Mainstream media was a bit cleaner back then, a lot of those 80s actresses look great and the popular teenage/young adult films were pretty cool. Watch some John Hughes films for example, the guys are pretty cool cats and the girls are noticeably more attractive and have less attitude than today's pop-tart blockbusters for the young crowd. I work and associate with some Generation X people, most of my cousins are Gen X, my ex-girlfriend was Gen X; I sense they didn't quite catch all the BS that has spread like wildfire over the past 15 years or so.

Generation Y is noticeably a greater cesspool. The internet, particularly Myspace/Facebook, and smart phones are definitely a big cause, but Gen Yers also were the first generation to be fully indoctrinated with feminism. There's an obvious fundamental change of worldview in Gen Y females from previous generations. Women born after 1980ish just simply have no manners, no pedigree; they've had nothing to hold their self-entitlement in check or give them any sense of humility. I've literally watched facebook turn some decent girls into narcissistic, hyper-consumerist creatures.

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Re: When did American girls become so bad

Post by FusionX20 » December 5th, 2014, 3:46 am

I noticed this trend take place in the late 90s where they would advocate things on TV such as "there has never been a better time to be a GIRL" and girls to college to get more knowledge crap, I don't know when that started I'm sure it was way before I was born. But it didn't get horrific until mid to late 2000s where women really became narcissistic bitches, at this point I was in my teens and always rejected in high school unlike in my early teens. As time went on, it got worse and finally I found my way to MGTOW and so many other guys talk about this phenomenon about American women I used to think I was alone.
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Re: When did American girls become so bad

Post by Jester » December 6th, 2014, 12:39 pm

Taco wrote:
When a countries birth rate drops below 3 children per woman it basically means the women are sleeping around a lot.
Dont understand the connection. What about lower number of births among people married and faithful from age 18 on? That drop has been going on for two centuries I think. (Another thread.)

I know sluts dont want to have kids, so they use IUD's etc, and men use condoms. So slut-hood is a cause. But not the only one.

For example, the second chart shows birth dip during the Great Depression. Thats birth control, sure. But they werent slutting around. Just trying to make ends meet.
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