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100 percent foolproof ways to catch a filipina cheating

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Re: 100 percent foolproof ways to catch a filipina cheating

Post by flipper » June 5th, 2018, 11:03 pm

What a great thread! One of the best for sure. In some ways painfully true. Perhaps a little exagerrated, but just a little.

Dating Filipinas is a little like mining for diamonds. It's 99.99% junk. But there are some amazing ones out there. You have to look _hard_ and be attentive to nuance.

I have gotten scammed a few times but I can only laugh at myself. A few iPhones and some money -- nothing really huge. In each case, I could easily have seen what was up had I kept my wits about me.

The thing is, in fairness, I've spent some of best moments of my life with a couple of them. Loyal and with hearts of gold.

There's one particular girl -- 19 and very very thin -- that really, really pissed me off though. I had given her a new phone. When we were getting her nails done before going on a trip there, my batteries went flat. I asked if I could borrow her phone (that I'd given her) and what the password was. She looked the tiniest bit surprised, but kept her cool. After all, she was sitting in the nail salon with her toes up in a tight cotton minidress and satin pillow on her lap to hide the fact that she wasn't wearing anything underneath. Anyhow, I walked out into the mall and a couple minutes away. I logged on to her phone and was going to make a call, then I noticed that her Messenger icon indicated several new messages (many more than I've ever seen)! I opened that app and read the messages. Not good. Not good at all. The ones in visaya I couldn't read, but the English ones i could. X-rated stuff with other guys.

I started to see red. But then I realized I had already purchased the super-costly tickets to Siargao in a few hours and had an awesome resort reservation there. Long story short, I just boned the living piss out of her for a week. Then we went to the airport. She was all crying because she'd miss me so much etc. etc. Then I told her what I'd found on her phone. She looked at me in total shock. As she started to say "you don't understannnnnd ..." I was on my way into the airport. Never spoke one word to her since.

But then I did something, mmmm, rather unkind. I created a fake FB profile of her, exactly mimicking her real one. Then I started adding the friends that her real page had, until I got to like 4-500 friends. They must have thought it was her real page and they'd accidentally been unfriended. Next I uploaded photos from our vacation. Skinny girl sucking on a boner the size of her upper arm and face covered with jizz. Yes, of course that account got closed by the FB bots after a couple weeks for having inappropriate photos, etc. But it tickled me pink to know that her parents, siblings and friends all got to see what went on behind closed doors.

The funny thing is, I had forgotten that I was still linked to her on Instagram. I only log into IG about once a year I guess. Turns out she got married and moved to the USA not 18 months after our vacation -- and to a 56-year-old government worker!!! It's very wierd because she has a prominent "tramp stamp" tattoo of my name, and the new guy is not named that so why he puts up with it is beyond me. Must be the world's biggest loser who thinks he scored big with a now 21 year old, 77 lb., 5'-3" girl. Got plenty of popcorn to see how this unfolds!!!

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Re: 100 percent foolproof ways to catch a filipina cheating

Post by publicduende » June 6th, 2018, 12:53 am

flipper wrote:
June 5th, 2018, 11:03 pm
Dating Filipinas is a little like mining for diamonds. It's 99.99% junk. But there are some amazing ones out there. You have to look _hard_ and be attentive to nuance.
Isn't this true with women of any nationality? I am sure there are far more quality Filipinas than the 0.01%, it's just that they won't date foreigners, let alone adult divorcee foreigners with no significant wealth.

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Re: 100 percent foolproof ways to catch a filipina cheating

Post by Adama » June 7th, 2018, 5:36 am

I was intrigued by this thread. So I went over to Youtube see the source, which the OP was talking about. The man who wrote all that, within two years, he finally found a good one:
A good man is above pettiness. He is better than that.

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Re: 100 percent foolproof ways to catch a filipina cheating

Post by Bao3niang » June 7th, 2018, 10:09 am

I don't want to generalize too much, but I've noticed some stark differences between the Chinese mindset and the Malay / Malay-type mindset. Being Chinese myself, I think we can be quite far apart in terms of ways of thinking compared to some our fellow Asians from further south, with exceptions being Viet Nam and perhaps Burma. Singapore, for all intents and purposes, I'd rather consider part of the Anglosphere but with heavy Asian influence.

A trait I've seen in quite a few individuals from the "Malay" countries (note, not all, as I've also come across quite a few decent / good ones) is their shameless attitude when it comes to begging and asking for things. I don't think it's just an issue of not having money, it's a mentality. Some of them, whether it be Filipinos, Malays, or Indonesians, have absolutely no regard for your feelings and limitations. They just want stuff from you. They don't care even if you're nearing bankruptcy, they want it, and they want it now. They take your generosity for granted, and feel absolutely no sense of debt or gratitude. I'm the exact opposite. I feel like I'm lowering myself if I were to constantly act this way, drooling and begging like a spoiled child. When I ask someone for help, especially if it's financial, I'd be extremely humble and would certainly take the other person's situation into full consideration. I played an MMO with some Malays and Indonesians, and they tried to guilt trip me into giving them lots of good equipment and other items as a sign of "friendship." I only give when I truly want to and think it's meaningful, and I don't expect to be pampered with gifts by someone else. These transactions should not, and must not form the basis of a good relationship, whether it be friends, or in romance.

Many Malays, to put it bluntly, seem emotionally and psychologically quite underdeveloped to me. They seem unable to have a deep understanding of my feelings, and simply won't take no for an answer. They'll keep hassling and guilt tripping you until the soft-hearted foreigner finally gives in. Note I'm not only talking about the girls. As Winston described in his post on Stickman Bangkok, it's hard to find actual deep and stimulating conversations with them. I'm not saying it's always good to be a deep feeler who's constantly wondering about "reality" and possibilities, it can be an extremely painful experience a lot of times, but I surely would not want to be stuck with mundane topics of conversation all the time.

Religion is often just a social identity for quite a few of the Malay individuals I've come across. As a Christian, I know that God clearly forbids devious acts. However, at least some of the Indonesians I've come across, whether they are Christian or Muslim, have absolutely no hesitation when it comes to cheating you and screwing you over. If you try to question their acts on the basis of faith, they don't give jack. If you ask them a question like: "Do you think God would be pleased with you cheating a friend like what you just did?" They'd tell you one way or another that they don't give a damn.

Some of the things I've mentioned above doesn't apply to all among the Malay peoples, as I've said, I've also come across quite a few good ones. I'm not discriminatory myself, but from some my experiences so far, I can see why the ethnic Chinese in these countries rarely have close association with the Malays. This is not to say I'm a fan of everything about the ethnic Chinese in SE Asia. Mainland Chinese are quite unique in a number of ways, even compared to other groups of Chinese.

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