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Why China/Russia have more freedoms America/Taiwan

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Re: Freedoms in China/Russia you don't get in America/Taiwan

Postby Adama » Sun Jun 19, 2016 7:40 am

China, the country where if a driver hits a pedestrian, they go back to make sure the person gets killed so that they don't have to pay a lifetime's worth of medical costs.
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Re: Freedoms in China/Russia you don't get in America/Taiwan

Postby Ghost » Sun Jun 19, 2016 8:01 pm

Adama wrote:China, the country where if a driver hits a pedestrian, they go back to make sure the person gets killed so that they don't have to pay a lifetime's worth of medical costs.

Versus the U.S., where you will wish you had died because you can't afford the sky-high medical bills.
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Re: Why China/Russia have more freedoms America/Taiwan

Postby Winston » Mon Sep 12, 2016 9:01 am


Yesterday in Taipei, after my hospital test at the sleep lab, when me and my parents were in a taxi, we saw a group of protestors with mainland China flags outside. They were advocating that Taiwan reunify with China. Our taxi driver then blurted out proudly, "You see how much more freedom Taiwan has than China? You could never demonstrate like that in China. But in Taiwan, you can demonstrate any political view you want!" After he said it a few more times, I couldn't take it so I began telling him all the ways that China has more freedom than America and Taiwan.

I cited how you can be real in China, and not always say "I'm doing great" when asked "How are you?" thus you have freedom from fakeness, and how Chinese women appreciate men who are real and honest, whereas Taiwanese women do not, so you have freedom to be honest. And I talked about the freedom to be yourself, and not having to be fake and politically correct, which is far more important than any political freedom to criticize your government. And I mentioned how you can talk about differences between races and genders in China whereas if you did that in America, you would be condemned and fired from your job.

And especially, the freedom to connect with others, make friends and get dates with women, which are all a lot more easy and natural in China. But not in Taiwan, as Taiwanese women are so closed and impossible to connect with, whereas I can at least connect with a fair share of Chinese women. Thus the social life and dating life is a lot better in China, since people are more real and easier to connect with and socialize with, but definitely not in Taiwan. No way. Hell no. So you have freedom to meet girls and date girls in China, but in Taiwan, the girls are the hardest to connect with in Asia and the most closed and cold and negative. In fact, Taiwanese women are so serious that they never even laugh or joke and have no sense of humor at all, so you can't make them laugh or charm them, unlike women in other countries.

I told him that the only freedom in Taiwan is freedom to criticize your own government and other such political freedoms, but in all other personal and social freedoms, China beats Taiwan hands down. Especially when it comes to the freedom to be yourself, be authentic and genuine, and connect with others, make friends and date women, etc. I even told him that in China, many hotels let you check out at 2pm whereas in Taiwan you gotta check out at 12pm, so China is more kind and generous about such things. Plus working hours are less in China as well, since English teachers can work less for the same salary in China, I am told, than in Taiwan where they have to work longer and harder for the same salary.

The driver said he had a wife from mainland China and half heartedly admitted that some of what I said was right. Then he went silent, and when I told him more, he didn't reply to me anymore. My mom told me that the driver had had enough of my bantering and that I should quit my lecturing for politeness sake. Then my dad said that the Chinese government ought to be paying me for all my pro China talk and publication on my website too. lol

The western media LIES of course, when it claims that China has no freedom and Taiwan and America does. They only talk about politics and economics, never about all the things I talk about, which are more important I think, than stupid politics and the economy. But in fact, the Western media lies about almost everything. I can easily give many examples throughout history from the past til present day.
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