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Why Is Arrogance Accomodated?

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Why Is Arrogance Accomodated?

Postby Wolfeye » Sun Jan 11, 2015 6:32 pm

I'm wondering something: Why are arrogant people generally not attacked in any way? They're not even insulted! If a judge acts like a spoiled brat & tries sabotage someone's case or attempts to lock them up at a whim, that judge should have their neck snapped- just like any other attacker. That judge poses a grievous danger for what he's doing. No one knows when or if they'll wind up in a court room, as it really doesn't have to involve any action on their part. If there's someone that is too arrogant to catch their own mistakes or redirect their course of action, that is a serious danger.

Same goes for work & school. A boss that blames others for his stupidity causes other's to be without jobs. A teacher that isn't very good at what they do acting like the kid has attention problems & learning disabilities causes it's own set of problems (potentially being put on dangerous pills or being given psych-evaluations that amount to a mock trial of the parents).

A teacher that calls the cops on a student for nonsense (like spraying perfume on themselves or writing a fictional story about shooting a dinosaur with a gun) is generating quite dangerous conditons. These cops don't always have a good ability to distinguish between something that's a threat or something that's not. There are times where they seem to feel threatened as a baseline emotion & then act aggressively to other people or simply start a problem like any other instigator with resources. Another potential is that they simply might not have a good reign on their temper, whether they show it in their facial expressions or not. There's the fact that there can be a conflict of interest at work like having quotas & tally sheets, not to mention unofficial bets & whatever they might swipe from someone's person possessions. Ultimately, they may just have a problem with other people's agency & it doesn't matter what they do, it's just their ability to do action.

Milatry fuck-ups abound throughout history because someone was treated with "respect" that shouldn't have been. Plenty of parents have acted like idiots at their child's expense because they picked their ego-trip over their family. Someone with an ego & a gun wanted to be the next "record holder" goes on a shooting spree, same thing.

And it's always considered arrogant to call these people for what they are! Someone fighting back isn't supposed to be deemed the enemy, regardless of what that antagonist's occupation is. I get how someone finds it hard to think well of someone if they don't want to be in their place, but I would think that they'd still be against the bad guy & would get a bit angry about the situation. Not to mention the prospect of whether or not that same bad guy was going to become a problem for them.
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Re: Why Is Arrogance Accomodated?

Postby Ghost » Sun Jan 11, 2015 9:58 pm

The need to conform cannot be understated. Humans are herd creatures. And while this was good for our survival in pre-history, in a state of civilization it is too easy to be manipulated. Humans will do all sorts of things they know aren't right as long as it means conformity to the group, bowing to an authority, or what have you. There have been experiments to show this as well. Many people will say a blue object is red if the group says it is. That is how powerful it is - it makes an individual deny reality.

And when it comes to authority figures, this same instinct is at play. A police thug is just a guy in a blue costume. Most of the piggies are unintelligent and brutish. They are among the least deserving of respect in society. And yet they are well-respected because they have been deemed all-important to the state.

Whenever a cop shoots a black thug, I am astounded by the typical reaction. Many whites will recognize the black thug for what he is. After all, ghetto blacks aren't deemed respectable by anyone. That's easy to figure. But few whites ever question the police. The police can throw a flashbang into a baby's crib, or murder an elderly man and still get respect. Hell, they may even get treated like poor victims. (How dare that baby decide to be where my flashbang grenade landed! That old man didn't want to take his medicine? That's resisting a police order! He was just making things hard for the police!)

Or DUI checkpoints (and if you really want to get angry, look up mandatory blood draws.) Police will say things like, "We need to hold them to full accountability!" Of course, police have no accountability.

Anyway, humans are innately geared towards an "us vs. them" mentality. The human brain has tons of flaws actually, but this is one of the most depressing ones because it means otherwise good people are all too willing to allow innocent people - even themselves - to be devoured by wolves.
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