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Are most betas MGTOW by default?

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Are most betas MGTOW by default?

Post by Banano » January 12th, 2015, 4:09 pm

Its well accepted theory in menosphere that minority of guys sleep with most women and women happen to be interested in guys other females find attractive.

What options are there for majority of guys who are just watching this unfold before their eyes but cant participate in the game ? Ironically western females have never been sluttier in history of mankind (most likely they are the sluttiest in the world) yet so many males cant get any and so few have so many.

IS mgtow the only path for beta guys who stay back home and cant move to other countries (which is 98% of them)?
What else can they do apart MGTOW, its not like they have choice?

I dont know what you think about this movement but it seems that MGTOW is default position for all guys who are not getting dates back home. For example, Winston was typical mgtow when he was back in USA like so many other HA-ers when not traveling.

This movement is much, much bigger than we are willing to acknowledge

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Re: Are most betas MGTOW by default?

Post by Banano » January 12th, 2015, 4:20 pm

When typical bar looks like this what else can one do?

gifs upload

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Re: Are most betas MGTOW by default?

Post by Ghost » January 12th, 2015, 9:56 pm

Wouldn't MGTOWs, by definition, be either at the bottom or not able to be ranked (since they've dropped out)?
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Re: Are most betas MGTOW by default?

Post by MarcosZeitola » January 12th, 2015, 10:46 pm

Ghost wrote:Wouldn't MGTOWs, by definition, be either at the bottom or not able to be ranked (since they've dropped out)?
If they are truly MGTOW and happy about it, the bottom is what they should be aiming for. It makes their ambition to stay single a lot easier.

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Re: Are most betas MGTOW by default?

Post by lasttry » January 13th, 2015, 3:33 pm

ALL MEN ALIVE TODAY HAVE 100% ALPHA GENETIC HERITAGE. There have been periods like prior to 1960 in the United States when you had strict monogamy, so most men had a chance to breed, but go back to the middle ages and me-lord and his sons were busy raping and impregnating all the peasant girls, with the better-looking ones moved into the castle to be kept for their exclusive use, and nothing the male peasant could do about the situations. The shortage of women was far greater for peasant males then than now, and thus only the alphas among the peasants mated. Bottom line, beta genes were eliminated long ago. Every man has 100% alpha genes, it is only his social status and behavior (both of which can be easily changed) which is beta.

It's not true that "so few have so many". The real true is that very few have much. Even the uber-alphas like investment bankers are not getting much because they are working all the time. The whole society is workaholic and validation is the only reason most people have sex. So-called betas feel miserable because they are programmed to feel miserable so they will buy things to alleviate their misery. This was the driving force behind the Playboy empire and everything it has spawned. Make men envious by displays of a paradise of a harem of beautiful women that other men are enjoying but not them, and then insinuate that the way to get into this harem lifestyle is buy a fancy car, live in a fancy bachelor pad furnished with all sorts of fancy electronics, buy fancy clothes, etc. Buy, buy, buy. That's what corporations want and making you feeling inadequate and buying something as the solution to your feelings of inadequacy is the way to accomplish this. They don't care if they drive you crazy with these churned up feelings of inadequacy, like what happened with Eliot Rodgers. Buy, buy, buy!

If you really want a harem of your own, go to the brothels in Berlin or the various red-light districts in Thailand or the Philippines. What you'll probably discover is that sex with a hooker produces more or less the same physical pleasure as masturbating (especially if you use a fleshlight or similar wonder of modern technology), but at a much higher cost plus risk of STDs if you're not careful. I nevertheless recommend whoremongering to shy or socially awkward young men, just so they won't be intimidated by swaggering PUA's asking about their notch count so that they are made to feel inadequate and then go out and spend even more money buying crap to deal with this feeling of inadequacy than they would have spent on whores. Get rid of your virginity as fast a possible and get a notch count of ten and then resume masturbating with a fleshlight--that's my advice.

What neither hookers nor masturbating nor hookup-type sex with sluts can give you is: (a) children, but I've never had desire for children so I won't discuss that desire further: (b) deep connection with another human being; (c) validation because you feel inadequate at not being a master PUA. Deep connection with another human being is just a long-winded description of true friend. There is nothing wrong with wanting deep connection with other human beings, everyone wants it or should want it, but sex is not the only or probably even the best way to achieve it.

Validation is what most men and women really want, especially younger men and women. Few young people care about the physical pleasure of sex, they just want to be validated by having sex with someone hot (preferably with a photo they can post on facebook to provide evidence of their triumph to all their virtual friends).

MGTOW boils down to finally getting disgusted with validation as the focus of one's life (for men who don't want children, men who do want children can't take the MGTOW path).

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Re: Are most betas MGTOW by default?

Post by Billy » January 15th, 2015, 2:43 pm

Again very good stuff lasstry. Keep it going.

Yes the validation stuff is a very important point. I am flirting here in the AC mainly with the doorgirls to develop my social skills with hot women. The validation part is important to keep it going otherwise I would not have the motivation to do it. Though a kind of outcome independence is also important so that the process becomes more automatically.

It´s for me a skill like swimming or basketball though it has some advantages in reality to have that skill.

Well I don´t know what will be my second step. Like you I am not that interested in a long time relationship. Maybe a mini-relationship. Maybe I will chase some normal women. Well, we´ll see that. At the moment I am happy that I have the chance to do both.

I love the term masturbation with flashlight :) Very good stuff.

I don´t know why but I am watching less porn here though I don´t have much sex. I do also only masturbate so that I stop before the peak and it works quite good. Masturbation with imagination seems to be better in the long run.

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Re: Are most betas MGTOW by default?

Post by lasttry » January 15th, 2015, 7:46 pm

It's FLESHLIGHT, not flashlight (so-called because it looks like a big flashlight with the protective cover in place). Do a google search. I'm happy using just my hands without even needing lubricant, however a fleshlight might be just the ticket for guys who want something more realistic. It is a close approximation of the real thing. Everyone should try the fleshlight a few time. There are also some cheap imitations, but not sure how good those are. The liner of the fleshlight has a very realistic texture, whereas the cheap imitations might not be so realistic.

Some women get really turned on by guys who are uninhibited sexually, so be sure to give your lady a demonstration of the fleshlight in action :)

I never use porn myself and I also try never to have a peak orgasm either.

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