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The Gay Thread

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The Gay Thread

Post by tom » January 30th, 2015, 5:58 pm

Some years ago a friend of mine who has passed away owned a strip club, he said all women will lezz. Most chicks I have known don't have too much barrier to that. But this is quite different from a chick saying she is a lesbian. There are areas in San Francisco where you can get an overdose of this, these chicks hate men, they treat men like shit in every underhanded and direct way possible. Contrast this with the sterotypical gay guy. They are known for how well they get along with the opposite sex. The observation is an exceptionally clear contrast. Your typical radical feminist, often an openly professed lesbian, makes extraordinary efforts to cause pain and suffering in all ways possible to heterosexual males. This is opposite of gay males who are often intentionally sought out as friends by women. And you have guys literally going to the ends of the earth to avoid radical feminism's influence.

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Re: The Gay Thread

Post by lasttry » January 30th, 2015, 10:12 pm

True lesbians are actually quite nice to be around in my experience. They don't hate men, they just feel like men in a woman's body. True lesbians tend to be really, really masculine-looking, BTW, so it's for the best that they aren't interested in sex with men, because they sure as hell aren't going to attract men sexually.

Whereas a lot of younger lipstick (good-looking) lesbians are just going through a phase. Their hatred of men is exaggerated because they feel like women inside and are sexually attracted to men but don't want to admit it. I'd avoid this group at all costs.

Radical feminists are annoying because it's all ideology in their head rather than a human people. Same as ideological conservatives, ideological marxists, ideological environmentalists, ideological patriots of whatever country. All ideologues should be avoided as well.

BTW there are different types of gay males. The bears (fat guys with body hair and beards who look like motorcycle gang members) can be really nice to everyone. The transvestites or cross-dressers are also nice, especially the larger ones: as in over 6 feet tall, shoulders like on a linebacker, but dressed in high heels and saying in a high voice "oh my, I'm a lady and don't approve of that sort of language" any time someone says a curse word. The very feminine gays, who actually look like women if you don't look too closely, are also usually nice. Whereas many of the normal-looking gays are extremely vicious creatures who absolutely hate women and will go out of their way to hurt them. The first categories are men who are truly comfortable with their homosexuality, whereas many of the normal-looking gays have mixed feelings and turned against women partly because of bad experiences rather than because they truly feel like women inside.

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