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Andy Graham On Meeting People

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Andy Graham On Meeting People

Post by Jester » April 3rd, 2015, 5:14 am

Andy Graham the Hobo Traveler discusses a general approach to meeting people, regardless of what city you are in. It seems like he is applying the same Happier Abroad"" principle on a "micro" basis, searching for good locations WITHIN a city

How to find friends, girls, men, or humans to talk with tip?

I do something sub-consciously, I do not even think about this advice, I just do it. But I realized, I should write this as a travel tip, but in reality, this is a how to meet people tip, and again, this works in any country but best in "Target Rich Environments."

How to meet women? Start walking, and walk until you pass a cluster of people who look friendly, in the USA people are often mall walkers, these people find people. You must walk near clusters of the people you want to meet, if there is no cluster, then keep on walking, do not stop walking.

When I was in the USA, I would get into my van at night, and visit about 5-10 fine dining places, with bars, the yuppie bars more or less. If there was nobody of interest in the place, I did not sit down; I moved onto the next spot. I do not go to bars, restaurants or coffee shops for the drinks, food, or coffee. Yet, I have some rather intelligent friends, who are lonely, yet absolutely insanely stupid and sit like bumps on logs, with not a target in sight. They did not keep walking, they stopped, for no reason.

To find friends, you need to enter to bars, restaurants, and coffee shops to pick up women, or find friends, and keep you money in your pockets. If there is nobody inside these spots, kindly excuse yourself, and go onto the next location.

Keep walking, do not loiter, do not settle for nothing, there is always value in have more friends than you need.

Read more: ... z3WDTGpHBV

- If there is no “bodies” of interest, leave quick, move on, do not try to make the best of a stupid place.

The making the best of a bad situation, or eating the food, drinking the drink, and waiting is how you are ignorant. Move on, if there are no targets, then walk on down the road, find a new environment, with targets. ... -women.php

And it seems he is all about "big-picture" Happier abroad as well:

In the USA, after age 30, you are considered a misfit, but in reality, you are not. So you are going to need to walk, drive and search for days, it is possible, but takes real endurance. in many ways; I recommend you think about leaving the USA if you are over 30. There are cultures, the over-developed ones like the USA, Canada, Europe and Australia whereby anyone over 30 is suppose to shut up, and stop chasing women, and get married, my advice is to say goodbye, the environment is beyond redemption. Love is a good thing, friends is good thing, life is way to short, you only have one, and to accept life without friends or lover is not a life worth living...

Read more: ... z3WDSI2lH4

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