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Is the Anglosphere too sensitive?

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Is the Anglosphere too sensitive?

Post by Nothung » April 7th, 2015, 6:55 am

So there's a Filipina that I've been chatting with, she's a really solid prospect. (I'm trying not to become too emotionally invested too fast, but man, it's hard. She's got so many positives...) She asked to become facebook friends, so I've been looking at her timeline (or whatever it's called). Someone she knows posted one of those images that's actually just text. Lucky for me, even though I don't know Tagalog, google translate does! Here's what it was (I'm not looking at it at the moment, so wording is only approximate, but I have the sentiment):

Measures to prevent rape in the Philippines:
1. If a girl is sexy and beautiful, she has an 8pm curfew.
2. If she is sexy but not beautiful, she has a 9pm curfew.
3. If is not sexy or beautiful, she has a 10pm curfew.
4. If she is ugly, she can roam till dawn, or whenever she gets tired.

Now the kicker: this was posted by a woman! And got a bunch of likes, some from men, but mostly women, and near as I can tell no negative comments. Can you imagine if an American man posted that? Can you IMAGINE the sh!tstorm that would ensue? It could be career-ending. At the very least, if I made that joke on a date with an American woman, there's no way I'd get a 2nd date. (Just Daniel Tosh how well rape jokes go over.) I think much of the Anglosphere has become overly sensitive, with people looking for a reason to be offended. This of course shifts attention away from REAL problems, which I suppose is sometimes the point.

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Re: Is the Anglosphere too sensitive?

Post by MrMan » April 7th, 2015, 8:27 am


Americans are really sensitive about certain things. I'm sure in some other cultures there are some cultural points that are equally as sensitive.

One thing I liked about living in Asia is if someone made a comment about women cooking, maybe a light hearted joke, the women didn't get angry or bent out of shape. The comments this woman made would hit on feminist beliefs in the US, especially if a man made it. But since Filippinos are likely less brainwashed by the same type of feminism, they aren't offended by this comment.

I was eating at a restaurant with some English students after class when I taught in Korea. We were cooking raw meat on a hibachi grill like they do there. One of them gave the chopsticks to the pretty girl in the class and said 'something something something yoja, something something'. The others chuckled and the girl gave a demure smile. I said, "Did you just say, 'You cook, because you are a woman." They said, "Oh, you speak Korean!" I didn't. I just know that yoja meant woman and guessed the rest. It was good to see that she wasn't bent out of shape by a comment about women cooking.

I've also noticed that ethnic group jokes aren't as offensive in Indonesia. They have lots of ethnic groups and stereotypes, and sometimes they joke around about them. If you do that with blacks in the US, you can just sense how sensitive and offensive it can be.

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Re: Is the Anglosphere too sensitive?

Post by onethousandknives » April 8th, 2015, 9:08 pm

There was a zerohedge article about this recently. ... tory-world

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Re: Is the Anglosphere too sensitive?

Post by The » April 9th, 2015, 2:35 am

In America you constantly have to bite your tongue and say as little as possible, with a smile, worried that you may offend....

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