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Economist Admits Jews Run Financial System

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Economist Admits Jews Run Financial System

Post by The » May 27th, 2015, 1:36 am

Very good interview with Economist Bix Weir....He admits Jews are 90+ % of finance population....
The bolded is where he talks about the Jews specifically....

- Silver to rise soon ►0:21
- JPMorgan to profit from the coming rise in silver? ►2:29
- Economic meltdown in September? ►5:23

- Was the gold and silver price take down orchestrated? ►10:59
- Are the rich holding fake gold and silver? ►13:55
- Silver and BitCoin to be used as money ►16:33

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Re: Economist Admits Jews Run Financial System

Post by Jester » May 27th, 2015, 5:32 am

didnt hear about Jews at 2:29, but I sure did at 5:23
Thanks for posting

Jamie DIAMOND is not Jewish? That's a surprise. Not sure I buy it.

Re the price of physical silver, the owner of Banco Azteca here in Mexico said a while back he couldnt get the market price of silver announced or reported regularly in pesos by Bank of Mexico, so he would start making a market in Mexican silver coins at his Bank outlets, by setting a clearing price at a level that would buy enough coins from sellers (people pawning or cashing in silver) to meet daily demand for coins at his bank branches.. That way there would be an independent market price for physical silver in Mexico.

I'm planning to visit the local branch soon. I'll see how it works.

Regarding hollowing of counterfeiting of precious metals, are smaller-sized coins better to buy -- in the sense that they will be more accepted if paper economy crashes, and then word of metal debasement gets out?
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