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X # of reasons why city x sucks ..this BS needs to stop

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X # of reasons why city x sucks ..this BS needs to stop

Postby Banano » Mon Jun 01, 2015 3:25 pm

Every now and then some idiot from PUA camp comes up with number of reasons why certain city in the west suck, It started with Roosh and Washington DC then Toronto, virus spread on Seattle and now it looks like SF is affected as well.

As I was reading the article and I thought he is describing my city of Melbourne or Sydney. Why they feel the need to single out cities in anglosphere ?
This chump came up with the conclusion that game does not work in SF, as if the rest of the country is the paradise, in fact he goes on and claims that NY is game friendly city. So he makes it sound like if you cant get laid in SF come to NY.
Im 100% certain that good looking guys such as Paul Janka would be able clean up without probs in both places using so called game then his argument that game doesnt work in SF goes out of window

Some gems from the article

6. Game Is Dead
"No one approaches anyone anymore. Period. Everyone is on OkCupid, Tinder, etc. Guys are out of practice and no longer have what it takes to make a move, and the girls are extremely unfriendly because they are also out of practice of dealing with guys who used to approach."

"The women here are more glued to their smartphones than anywhere else. They literally never look up, even though this is the city where you have all the reasons to look around, due to its pedestrian friendly environment, natural beauty, and plenty of opportunities for people watching."
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Re: X # of reasons why city x sucks ..this BS needs to stop

Postby droid » Mon Jun 01, 2015 3:42 pm

Haha i hadn't seen that guy. Another example of an idiot with looks claiming to have special "skills"

On the other hand, i don't disagree much with the article. Different cities have different vibes.
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