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Do women from other countries/cultures put forth more effort

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Do women from other countries/cultures put forth more effort

Postby GoingAwol » June 8th, 2015, 2:15 am

When it comes to maintaining relationships?
I ask because my experience with women from other places is very limited. I only have experience with American women. The thing that strikes me about American women is how lazy they are when it comes to dating/relationships. They expect the man to do everything and all of the responsibility to start and maintain the relationship is on him. Women here are completely passive and lazy and would rather let a relationship die than meet the man halfway and put forth effort to save it.
So are Foreign women different in this regard? Will they meet a man halfway once it has been established that there is a mutual interest in a relationship? Will they actually sometimes call a man, text, do romantic things for him etc.? I ask because I hate the laziness and passive behavior of American women. I'm not interested in a relationship where I have to take care of them and do everything. How would that be any different than having a pet? So are foreign women less lazy and passive in relationships?
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Re: Do women from other countries/cultures put forth more ef

Postby Ghost » June 8th, 2015, 6:51 am

Generally yes, foreign do of course care about their relationships more. The reason why AWs don't care is because they don't have to. No matter how bad their choices are, the daddygov is always there to subsidize their bullshit. No AW is married to a man - they are all married to the daddygov. So no bad choice they make has any negative consequence for them, hence they don't care.
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Re: Do women from other countries/cultures put forth more ef

Postby pete98146 » June 9th, 2015, 12:46 am

Depends on which country but pick the correct ones and they certainly do! Of the 4 countries that I've been to in the last 15 years are: Brazil, Mexico, Thailand and Philippines.

1. Brazil. I've been to Rio three times. Seems like there is a shortage of good reliable men down there. My friend and I stayed in Ipanema and we'd do the touristy stuff in the day time and go over to the pub at night. Women would come over to our table just to chat, speak a little English and flirt. It was crystal clear that if we were to stay in Brazil for a long time, we'd have our pick of the ladies. Very easy to find women in this country. Seems as if they were starving for men.

2. Mexico. Never had any luck at all. Mexican women tended to fall into two categories. The more indigenous looking women didn't strike my fancy at all. The ones with the Euro mix were pretty but seemingly not very interested in this gringo so it was a miss for me.

3. Thailand. Thailand is an interesting place. It's getting better IMHO and here's the reason why. Girls in BKK may find you attractive but most will think you are in their country to get laid. You'll be labeled a sex tourist until you prove otherwise. But I think Thailand is making a consorted effort to chase away all the P4P to Pattaya so I saw less older men with hookers my last trip to BKK than ever before. Lower Sukhumvait is slowly but surely being cleaned up. But it's still an uphill battle to win the heart of a Thai lady.

4. Philippines. What more can be said about this country? It's a gold mine plain and simple. My advice is to ignore the run of the mill women and try to find an upper echelon girl. Despite what others say, it's doable!
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