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South America brazil chille Argentina are they worth it ?

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South America brazil chille Argentina are they worth it ?

Postby Thechamp » Tue Jun 16, 2015 10:34 am

Brazil Argentina chillie Peru , is it worth going do the risks out weigh the benefits , my brazlian mate said its not worth it too dangerous , you have to be very carefull in Brazil etc.
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Re: South America brazil chille Argentina are they worth it

Postby Adama » Tue Jun 16, 2015 12:24 pm

Chile is probably safe. Argentina is probably safe too, and maybe even Peru. Many people are afraid of Brazil, and there was one guy here named Skateboardstephen who moved from the states to Brazil to marry a Brazilian girl. He says there is a lot of crime there.

I think in Chile, Argentina and Peru, as long as you made sure you are back in your hotel by the time it gets dark, you should be safe. And always call for your own taxi before getting into one, instead of hailing one on the street.
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Re: South America brazil chille Argentina are they worth it

Postby chibolo » Tue Jun 16, 2015 5:06 pm

Chile is safe (lower homicide rate than the US). Peru is safe if you stay in the tourist areas and take precautions (like Adama said call taxis whenever possible (or use one of those safe taxi apps)). Millions of tourists visit Peru every year without any problems.
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Re: South America brazil chille Argentina are they worth it

Postby Jester » Wed Jun 17, 2015 6:43 am

Educated and middle class Latin Americans have seen some rough stuff, and have learned to be cautious. But one should note that Latins in general are much more cautious than North Americans or Brits etc. They are NOT an adventurous people overall.

Their caution is good to a point, but not always. Generally they come from coddled backgrounds and have never had to cross boundaries and make friends across classes the way we do (and are expected to do) in the US.

For example, the thieves here in Baja are generally deportados, who have grown up in the US and speak English - and came down here with an established drug addiction, after a short jail sentence in the US. By way of contrast, the Spanish-speaking working class here is extremely kind and honest. Unless you show yourself to be a very soft and easy mark, and then after a long while they will try to gently milk you in some way.

Also, as a VERY rough rule of thumb, the Whiter they are, the less religios they are, and the more effort they expend on scheming. So Argentina would probably have more unscrupulous schemers overall than would Mexico.

But to recap I would ignore the admonitions of your Brazilian friend. There are a few things in Latin America that do not (yet) exist in "North America", namely (1) kidnappings of the rich (okay except Pattie Hearst, and the Lindbergh baby, and Barbara Mackle) and (2) use of paralyzing or date-rape drugs on unsuspecting victims.

Here in Baja, NOONE worries about (1), but I would if I were if I were in Rio or Mexico City etc etc. Here you can flaunt wealth, no fear.

BUT, re (2), people here DO wipe off the top of their beer with a cocktail napkin before cracking it open. It's a habit formed for hygiene, probably, but the habit of paying attention to what one is consuming would serve well if one were in some shady night club sharing drinks with a hot stranger.
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