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End game

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End game

Post by romparoo » June 28th, 2015, 6:52 pm

We all have to fulfill our primal biological commandment to reproduce. There is no doubt about that, it is hardwired in our brains. To be perfectly realistic,the dating scene is obviously not going to get better in the future.

That leaves us with two options:
1) Try our chance abroad (must not include bar girls, p4p, short term flings without long term commitment, spinning plates, lowering to ridiculous standards, etc)
2) Get rich within a reasonable timeframe so that more life options are made available to us. That must happen before the reproductive prowness is gone.

So my question is this. There will be a time when all avenues will be exhausted. In other words, one has tried everything humanly possible short of becoming a multi-millionare or billionaire. So what's next? There are simply so many times one can rant in forums like this, before it becomes soullessly irritating and tiresome.

Do you have an end game to this? Do you keep doing action (1) for the Nth time hoping just maybe you might get lucky one day? Or are you willing to submit your life to an almost eternal wage slavery in which you have no life, no recognized human existence, no love, and basically a drone to boost corporate profits and pay taxes. My understanding is, men put up with that wage slavery bullshit because they have a loving wife and kids to feed. Not anymore if the loving family does not exist. What would you do if everything in life just simply doesn't work?

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Re: End game

Post by Ghost » June 28th, 2015, 8:07 pm

The first is attainable, though not easy. It's not easy at all to find an ideal girl, though it is easy to find better women than the West has. (Which obviously isn't saying much.) The second is a pipe dream for all except a very few who have great knowledge, skills, connections, and luck. It's difficult to not get trapped in limbo, spinning your wheels, not able to advance.

As for me, I do keep going with the first path. I think given enough dedication, I have a shot. Many things are possible abroad. I already have traveled some, and I teach abroad as well. Once I get a handle on language, I should be able to have a decent dating and social life. I have my hobbies too, such as my writing. Gives me something I care about to keep me going. If I ever become financially successful I plan to travel more, giving myself more possibilities for the first path.

Having children is really the ultimate goal. If you don't do that, your line dies out. I don't know if there's an afterlife or some purpose to this universe, but it still matters.

So that leaves three real eventualities:

1. Marry and have children. You do this to give your children a good shot in this world, and also to leave a legacy of something good in this world. This is the happy ending.

2. Find it impossible to ever find a woman worth marrying, in which case reproduce, but don't stick around. Or you could visit the kid every so often. This way at least you leave some legacy behind instead of completely failing to reproduce.

3. If something catastrophic happened, like if I wasn't able to have children, I would probably return home and become a full-on MGTOW (perhaps the only circumstance in which I could find that a reasonable choice) or go on a hedonistic pleasure trip until the money runs out and make an exit with the Smith & Wesson early retirement plan.

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Re: End game

Post by Jeremy » June 28th, 2015, 9:54 pm

I'm already at my end game - f***ing hookers and immersing myself in a fantasy world of blogs, forums, porn, movies, and doing research for my next hooker visit. I don't see this ever changing.

Of course I'd prefer to date, but I don't have the financial freedom to live abroad. Two weeks of vacation is a joke. Certainly not enough time to find someone. And by the time I can afford to move, even those white-worshipping 18-27 year old Filipinas whom I could theoretically get now will be off limits to me.

Me at 55: Go on, old man *swallows the barrel end of a loaded goose gun, toe gently curled around the trigger*. This won't hurt a bit.

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Re: End game

Post by djfourmoney » June 28th, 2015, 10:20 pm

There is no ideal mate or situation.

What there is, what works best for you may not work for someone else.

End game?

Most of the people that use this forum and complain about being single should be actively making plans to go overseas, just that simple. If a job opened up in another part of the country you would have no problem moving; so why can't the same logic can't be extended to dating/mate search?

Financial Success takes planning and you have a dozen or more options.

As Marshall Brain said year ago the three easiest ways to become rich -

1) Marry in or be born into it
2) Win It (Lottery, Pulisher's Clearing House, etc)
3) Start Your Own Business

Usually to marry into rich you have to be rich yourself. Only women generally can get away with being somewhat poorer and still marry into money = Queen of The Netherlands (Maxima, from Argentinian Upper Class, not rich)

You can try the Lottery, but you might as well start your own business because who knows how long that will take.

I have my own business but I don't like the three possible ways to make say six digits.

You don't have to love the business you own, just own it for the profit and have somebody else run it. I think that is a problem people have with your own business. It's about economic freedom not enjoying your work. Most things you enjoy to do won't generate a profit, let's be honest. If your a writer, c'mon writing for travel blogs makes a ton of sense; you won't become rich but you can make enough to live comfortably.

Just write about little talked about subject(s).

Seems to me the easiest way to earn six digits is to provide a service. It could be anything just do it better than your competition. Hard to do in America, but not as hard at all to do in Latin America...

The problem is getting off your rear and doing it!

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Re: End game

Post by romparoo » June 30th, 2015, 4:40 pm

Ghost: I read your signature lines. Getting a Chinese girlfirend is not as difficult as you might have thought previously. One of my colleague is going to marry one soon, though the whole episode was kept fairly discreet because mainstream happier abroad has not become socially acceptable in our feminized countries yet. My colleague only made a few trips, and he had been to various cities in China and the Phils. And I agree with you about having children and setting up genetic lineage. I think this is biologically hardwired. For me it's a little bit more challenging because I generally like caucasian women, and I am aiming for Slavic ladies at this stage. There're basically no success stories with Slavic ladies here in HA, so that alone suggests something I already know. The worst part is where I live. It is simply too far away from Europe. That's a shame really. Othwerwise I will be hopping in and out of Eastern Europe every other weekends.

Jeremy: If you are f***ing hookers then I am sure you have a well paid job to support that activity. I reckon two weeks holiday is a joke. But there is nothing more you can do, so why not just go abroad for the two weeks and try your luck? You will have to spend those holidays anyway, might as well make use of it. Most likely it won't work for relationship, but who knows.

djfourmoney: I have been travelling. But like Jeremy said, too little time spent abroad is not likely to cut it. Personally I will keep trying like I have recommended Jeremy. Unfortunately, I don't know when I will fold my cards and say enough is enough. Life is like a constant drag, when we live in a social vacuum with no real dating scene. Rejections and failures are ok, but not 99.9% of the time over many years. Actually it's worse because I don't have leads nowadays. My dating prospect hasn't been that bad since college. Without leads, I don't even have opportunities to get rejected. Cold approaching strangers on the street will almost always guarantee rejection, though I don't waste time doing that. Ps. I only approach when I have some good leads.

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