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Is this really true about Asian women?

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Re: Is this really true about Asian women?

Post by onethousandknives » July 12th, 2015, 8:00 pm

zboy1 wrote:Normally I would get upset about these kinds of topics related to race and dating, but living in Asia, I don't care as much as I used to. LOL.

When I'm in Asia, I never really think about "race" or "racism" all that much to be honest. I'm having too much fun here. The one good thing about Asia is that for all the problems in this region, the kind of vindictive and hateful racial talk, racial paranoia and racial competition nonsense you see in Anglo countries--doesn't really matter in this part of the world, in my opinion.

I've talked about this with Baoning and he agrees with me as well; I can be free to be Asian and not worry about racial issues here. I think this applies to some White people as well. Unfortunately, Black people are subject to the same kinds of discrimination as in the United States in Asia.

This is a good video proving your point with regards to race/culture.

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Re: Is this really true about Asian women?

Post by nomadphilippines » July 13th, 2015, 8:58 am

hehe nice video
avid follower of site about travel and girls

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Re: Is this really true about Asian women?

Post by momopi » July 14th, 2015, 4:32 am

Zionosis wrote: But the worst thing is I read an article online written by an Asian woman herself, she explained how Asian women themselves perceive white men who prefer Asian women as creepy. She explained how if she saw a white man looking at her she knew he had a fetish.
This honestly did make me feel bad to realize that. I mean it's annoying to know that if you find an Asian woman you like, she will see you as some sort of creep and fetishist for liking her. That's sort of off putting to be honest.
What do you guys think? Or maybe that one woman who wrote that article is just a spaz and that's just her opinion?
Goes both ways. ... %E3%81%AE/

08 July 2015 ~ 49 COMMENTS
An Open Letter to Japanese People from Black Men (日本人の皆んなさんへの黒人からの手紙)

The following is a guest post from a fellow black man living in Japan who goes by the name of Miles Star. I like what he has to say. I thought, since it’s in Japanese as well, I’d get my Japanese friends to take a peek and share their thoughts on it.

I also thought to ask him about my sharing it with you guys, and he agreed.

So without further ado, here is Miles Star’s letter to Japanese people on behalf of black men.



Dear Japanese people, during our times in Japan we respect the warmth and hospitality many of you give to us. We understand it’s within Japanese culture to be polite and reserve any ill thoughts you may have. For that you have our respect.
I understand many of us like all foreign men in general have our own flaws; some of us may act foolish, ignorant, narcissistic and just plain dicks. However, we too have our fair share of grievances we want to get off our chests.

black men 1a

We may choose not to speak up to these microaggressions because we understand many of you are ignorant of their impacts, we may want to maintain peace with you and not sour our friendships with you.
Here is an extensive list of annoyances and grievances we experience. You may also find that some black men do not react or react positively to them. Please understand these things are generally NOT PREFERRED and are all no-nos in formal situations. Furthermore, we understand some of these are not done out of ill thoughts, however I stress that you acknowledge them and avoid them at all costs.

1. Don’t befriend or date us in an attempt to be different or unique compared to your peers. We are people not accessories
2. Don’t befriend or date us expecting to be taught English. There’s a place called “school” and many of us get paid to do this.
3. Don’t tell me I look like Obama, Bobby or any other black celebrities you can only count on one hand. Most of the time we don’t resemble them.
4. Stop singing about how much you love black people. Yes, yes…we get it, you love WHAT WE DO and HOW WE LOOK not WHO WE ARE. However, it gets uncomfortable and we’d prefer if you focus on the person standing in front of you and their qualities. We are not all the same.
5. Don’t tell me I’m fit or strong because I am black. No. I worked hard for this body, I practiced endlessly in this sport. Do not belittle my efforts. Perhaps if you put in the effort yourself you’d be singing a different tune
6. Don’t compliment me followed by “because you’re black/a foreigner”. Should I even have to explain this?
7. Do not ask me if I like or possess any weed or any other illegal drug. Stereotyping black people as having illegal drugs or partake in any other illegal activity is racist. Being constantly asked the same thing by people in our own countries by white kids, police and security guards is extremely degrading and frustrating at the same time. Thousands of miles east and we still get the same shit!?
8. Please don’t tell me you want to be black. This is not a compliment. You aren’t black, you will never be black and your reasons are always stupid or childish. We are not a magical subset of humans born with innate rhythm or spiritual nature. Love yourself please.
9. Please stop praising black people by / while putting down your own.
10. Please don’t touch my hair without asking. We are not animals.
11. Stop worshiping black men or women’s bodies while shaming your own. It’s cringe-worthy. Love yourself or do something about it.
12. Stop trying to imitate black women in an attempt to impress us. If we wanted one, we wouldn’t come to you.
13. Don’t assume we can rap. We don’t all share the same talents.
14. Don’t assume we can play basketball. See above
15. Don’t assume we can dance. See above
16. Please do not fetishize us and our bodies. It’s dehumanising and racist. We are people not objects
17. What you call ブラックカルチャーand B系 are only a very small fraction of what we do. I suggest you find better names for these trends. The majority of black people in the world are disconnected from these things.
18. Don’t say nigga even if your friend allows you to. Just don’t. You will say it to the wrong person and it will not be pretty.
19. Don’t make assumptions of our nationality based on our looks or colour of our skin (America, Jamaica or Africa is all you ever think of). You will find us almost anywhere in the world.
20. Dont assume we are all attracted to one specific body type in women.
21. Don’t assume black people are poor. You have no idea. Turn off the television.
22. Don’t assume all Africans are starving and need saving. You have no idea.
23. Don’t assume all black people are heterosexual.
24. Don’t assume we are hyper sexual. Turn off the television
25. Don’t assume black men rape. Please turn off the television
26. Don’t assume black bodies more than others; somehow carry HIV or other STIs/diseases. For the love of God please turn off the television!
27. Don’t stare at black people’s dicks in public bathhouse. There’s nothing to see here.
28. Don’t assume all black people have big dicks. Do not set yourself up for disappointment.
29. Don’t date blacks because you wanna “try” or “know what it’s like”. Only to grow tired of us, throw us away and try something new like a fashion trend.
30. Don’t make it sound like Africa is a country or make a comparison between African continent and a country (ex. Africa vs. Japan). There are 54 countries and well over 2000 different ethnic groups and languages in the continent. You have no idea.


31. Don’t use words like dope, swag, gangsta in an attempt to connect with us. We don’t all understand them and we don’t all speak the same.
32. Do not assume what music we listen to. We do not all like hip-hop, R&B and reggae.
33. There is not one specific way to look “black”. We come in all shades and different features.
34. Getting braids, perming your hair kinky/curly or wearing urban styled clothes or any other styles emulating black people does not make you closer to us in our eyes.

35. Do not poke fun at our features, lips, skin colour or hair. It’s disrespectful and extremely childish. Furthermore, it only shows how ignorant you are of the wider world
36. Do not liken our skin to chocolate or any other coloured substances

Please understand this is not an attack, just an informative body of information that you can use to better understand and get along with us. This is not oversensitivity, this is about respecting something black people in general have constantly been denied. Many of us must endure and cringe at these things and just accept them as the norm in Japan. Many of us try our best to acknowledge the dos and don’ts of Japan in order to not cause offence as we too have our own.
Most of these things (and many other harsher ones) are experienced in our home countries where we are also minorities; where racism persists.

Please Japanese people take this information and share it with any others who have black acquaintances, the friends of yours that obsess over “black culture”. Please know the difference between appreciation and appropriation, Love and fetishisation.
I implore you too to write a similar letter to those you wish would understand you better.
Speak up and don’t assume you have no voice
Peace, love and respect

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Re: Is this really true about Asian women?

Post by Bao3niang » July 15th, 2015, 3:49 am

Let's not forget Scandinavian countries are some of the worst feminist shitholes on earth. I used to have a buddy whose father was Chinese and mother was Norwegian (surprise, surprise) and the father seemed to have quite a heck of a time. They were both working for the UN.

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Re: Is this really true about Asian women?

Post by NoahValentine » July 16th, 2015, 9:11 am

i think the female on every races are the same , Asian woman is somehow more indoor and quite somehow
If a woman wants to feel safe and secure and you can give that to her, then she’ll be attracted towards you. But how do you attract a woman by giving her the experience she wants?

Just become a Strong and good appearance one

It’s a little more than I can share with you here but if you want to know all the details, you can see my review here : ... ally-work/
Let see what we can do about in easy way

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Re: Is this really true about Asian women?

Post by chanta76 » July 17th, 2015, 7:35 am

There will be preferences and there is fetish which is different. Preference is something nice to have but a fetish is more like objectification .

Saying that i think in each group you will have men and women fetishizing something .

There are allot of white men who do fetishize asian women and like wise there are asian women who fetishize white men but its not the majority of either group.

Regarding japanese people fetishizing black peoplw. I witness this a number of times...but i seen black men fetishize japanese go figure.

The thing about racial fetish is that it does border racial the prime reason for the fetish

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