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Game summed up in 3 little words

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Game summed up in 3 little words

Post by Johnny1975 » July 12th, 2015, 10:05 pm

Ready? here it is :

Be her daddy.

The daddy / daughter bond is extremely potent. No matter what he does, a girl's daddy's actions will have an effect on her. That means emotions. Women love emotions. A girl can only have 1 daddy. So once you've assumed that role, there's no one else for her. Everyone else becomes a chump. You become unique. Tailor made for her.

If you are her equal, you are her brother. Result : no sexual tension. As fuc ked up as it sounds, women secretly want to fu ck their daddies. Not really, but metaphorically. He is the first man in her life, and the representation of a man. The bond is so powerful that the animal in her wants to express it in the most intense way, which is with sex. But she can't do that, and that's where you, daddy, come in. By being her non-relative daddy, she gets to fu ck you and express her love towards her idea of a man, without the incest. It's win win. But if you're just some guy, it's down to luck based on how she feels in the moment.

A girl's daddy is her guide. He tells her what the world is like. He tells her what's best, and how she should behave. He rewards her with good emotions like pride, and perhaps treats, and punishes her with bad emotions like disappointment, and physical or some other punishment. He has expectations of her, and she wants to please him. It doesn't matter what those expectations are, as long as they are there. However, expectations that go against her morals and values and natural sense of right and wrong, will eventually backfire. So you have to guide her towards what is right, and best for her. You have to care about her.

He's also her provider. He creates an environment where she can be herself and be comfortable. It doesn't matter too much how he does it, although it's best to do it in a moral way, otherwise she'll have mixed feelings about him. Having said that, she'll always appreciate the effort. He doesn't have to have much, as long as he does his best to provide for her in a way that brings out the best in her.

Women want to be good little girls. It's just that they need someone to show that they care enough about them to nudge them. Otherwise they rebel. Not because they don't want what's best for them, but because they crave attention and guidance.

Women are literally children. Psychologically, they are children.

Pimps are very successful at what they do. It's amazing how it's actually possible to take a woman, make her see you as a father figure, and then get her to show her love for her daddy by degrading herself, and then giving you 100% of the proceeds, just so that you can play provider. Think about that. She craves a provider so much, that she is willing to give you the money with which to do it. That's like being so desperate for a birthday present that you give the other person the money for it, plus a card to sign.

And the pimp doesn't even have to be around that much. Once the frame / role has been established, the rest takes care of itself. He can even be very obviously full of sh it and transparent, and she'll still buy into it because of the feelings that it gives her. The idea of a man who will play the role, even while being immoral, deceptive and manipulative, is too good to turn down. Pimps only target economically and psychologically vulnerable women, but it still goes to show how powerful the desire for a daddy is.

Pimps are scum of course, but they understand female psychology. You can learn a lot from pimps about women. And unlike with pimps, your girl won't eventually leave you unless you really mess up. You don't even have to constantly keep up the role. As long as you maintain it and feed it from time to time, that's fine. If you're a benevolent father figure, that creates feelings of real love and sexual tension that no pimp can achieve.

You can get her to contribute to the household financially and still be seen as a provider if you make good decisions about how to spend that money. You can live in a cheap place as long as you implement a system for keeping it looking nice and spacious, even if it's her who has to physically do it. I think it's easy to maintain the role. Women want to be part of a team, and they don't mind making sacrifices and doing some hard work themselves, just as long as they have a leader to oversee things.

When you're her daddy, you can mess up and still be wanted and needed. As long as your frame is strong enough (no need to overdo it) and she feels like you care. When you're her daddy, you have no competition. It's like in Avatar when they link the horse's thingy with their thingy and it creates an energetic bond. Everyone else is just some meaningless guy. When you assume the role, she will automatically, instinctively, naturally assume the role of daddy's little girl, and all the submission and desire to please that comes with that.

How do you become her daddy? By gradually acting like one. Give her advice about life. Tell her parables about your life and observations. Tell her your values. Praise her when she does good, and criticize her when she does bad. Criticize her opinions and decisions, constructively. Be frugal and tell her that it's because you want to make sure you always have enough to treat her. Tell her to do things, send her on errands. Etc etc. And be completely blunt, confident and matter of fact about it all.

If she tests your boundaries, it means that she's just trying to see if you're the real deal and care enough to bring her back in line. But if she constantly rebels, she has to go.

Be her daddy. Otherwise you're her brother. And no girl wants to secretly fu ck him.
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Re: Game summed up in 3 little words

Post by Adama » July 12th, 2015, 10:52 pm

I actually agree with that completely. Men and women are not equals. Women were made for men. Somehow the same people who claim men and women are equals are the same ones who think the man must satisfy the women. Wrong. The woman is the one who is supposed to work for the man. She is the help-meet. She was taken from Adam's rib. She is second, not first, and she is not equal. The woman was in the transgression, not Adam.

You can believe that, but I was on a MGTOW forum a few months ago, which you would think is a place with relatively few manginas. However, lots of manginas even within the MGTOW movement who believe that men must work for women and that women should be in charge 50% of the time.

I am also a lover of human psychology, especially female psychology. I was watching The Bachelor, a dating TV reality show that is supposed to lead to marriage. I watch for the chemistry between people, what they say, what they do. One man who isnt particularly good looking has been able to out-maneuver 45 other men to have sex with two bachelorettes. Although that is not a goal we should aspire to, I look for how he did it. Both of the women he had said that he makes them feel like real women.

What did he do to accomplish this? I watched the date a couple of times to see. HE PICKS UP WOMEN LIKE THEY ARE TWO YEAR OLD CHILDREN. He picks women up in public, puts them on his shoulders, or has them wrap their legs around his waist while he holds onto them while standing up.

That is unspoken body language. He was even able to temporarily tame one super b*tch (a Jewish district attorney, now just imagine what her attitude is usually like).

Now we know. They must do what they are told. You must be in command. You must also physically treat them like children, because they say communication is mostly non-verbal.
A good man is above pettiness. He is better than that.

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Re: Game summed up in 3 little words

Post by Adama » July 12th, 2015, 10:56 pm

I've also noticed that in my younger days when I was a real jerk, random women seem to respond when I would raise my voice in anger. One woman in particular started squirming in her seat. Another time I was ordering at a restaurant and I raised my voice so the woman could hear my order, and I could just tell by the look on her face how much it turned her on. (You learn by noticing things like that instead of believing the lies told to you by society of how things are supposed to work.)

That feminist nonsense is just that. It's crap.

I think it is Satan who wants to reverse everything. White is black and black is white. So of course Satan wants to convince the world that men should satisfy women, when it is supposed to be women's job to please their men.
A good man is above pettiness. He is better than that.

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Re: Game summed up in 3 little words

Post by Thechamp » July 13th, 2015, 1:52 pm

Give us an example we can use when we meet a girl we like from start to finish?

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