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Post by tom » July 20th, 2015, 3:52 am

Surfing, this is something you almost never see a woman do, especially if the waves are decent. Here in California I have never seen a woman catching a wave on a surf board, that is with good sized waves. There is nothing stopping them except there fears. Spear fishing, I have never seen a woman do this. Divers, a few women. At the decent surf spots there is an occasionally quick female visitor, usually early 20's at the most, but 99+% of surfers in the water are guys. You may have heard from guys in the military, when they deploy many of the women get pregnant to avoid it. If you look at the YouTubes of real unedited combat in Iraq or Afghanistan you never ever see women in actual combat. There is probably a small percentage who can hack it but that is very unusual. There is this persistent fantasy theme in moves where a women is fearless and taking all the risk, like The Hunger Games, but you never see this in real life, ever.

Women have always been used as a way to sell things whether its the Virgin Mary or an album cover. Perhaps what is going on in movies is just an updated version that also strokes the egos of women. There was never a Virgin Mary and the Woman on the Ventures album cover had nothing to do with the making the music.


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