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Give you a idea how bad daiting is in Perth Australia

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Give you a idea how bad daiting is in Perth Australia

Postby Thechamp » Tue Jul 21, 2015 9:42 am

Four of my friends that are from the uk migrated to perth five years ago, t, now they all have imported asian girlfriends two of the asian girls are pregnet, they went out with a few girls in Perth , but that's about it they all resorted to foreign girls. Western women are no good.
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Re: Give you a idea how bad daiting is in Perth Australia

Postby Bao3niang » Sun Aug 09, 2015 3:44 pm

All Anglo / Western countries are the same. Australia to me is an Anglo-Saxon bastion in the Asia-Pacific, I like to call it The Land Down Under Jakarta's Ass. My good friend Richard Li who is Chinese-Australian and mainly a lurker on the forum is absolutely miserable there. Unlike colonial nations in Latin America which can have an interesting blend of aboriginal and European culture (but Latin America is too unsafe for me and I still consider Asian women to be the most attractive), immigrant countries founded by Anglo-Saxons are the result of undermining and often exterminating the native inhabitants. I'd very much like it if America and Canada still belonged to the Native Americans, the same for AUS / NZ or perhaps Australia and New Zealand should become the territory of Asian countries. This is pure fantasy but the world would, in many ways, be a better place if European, especially British colonialism never occurred. Look at Singapore, it was a main base of British power in Asia (also Hong Kong, India and Myanmar) and apart from having good infrastructure and a good economy, it is a man's shithole.

As for your friends who imported Asian women, I suggest you tell them that they should mention to their wives the possibility of living in Asia rather than Australia. The Anglosphere is hell for any intelligent man who has decent character and wishes to have a lifelong companion. My former tutor and now my adoptive father who's from the UK literally found salvation in China. Do you really get more freedom in Western countries that claim to be 'free and democratic?' What 'free' and 'democratic' really means is that you can do whatever you wish as long as you REMAIN WITHIN THE SYSTEM. As soon as you try to go against it you will be ostracized and persecuted. I find people in China to be much more open minded to non-P.C. opinions than people back in Canada. If they disagree with you they are direct, while people in the West are likely to not say anything but become judgmental of you deep down. The desire for having face in communication is almost universal, except that it manifests in different ways depending on the country and culture. I find the value of face in mainland China to be exaggerated. From personal experience, compared to mainland China, face is held at a much higher value in Korea, Hong Kong / Macau, Taiwan, and Singapore.
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