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Great websites to learn foreign language for FREE

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Great websites to learn foreign language for FREE

Postby Banano » Thu Aug 13, 2015 6:14 pm

These are 2 very good website where you can learn most popular languages without attending classes and paying $$$.
Many languages to choose but my guess is that Spanish and Russian would be the most popular choice among travelers and happier abroaders

Some 400+ mil people speak Spanish(LA+Spain) and 300 mil speak Russian(all former CCCP countries)

It cant be emphasized enough how much its important to speak local language in countries where English not spoken, it opens the door for better quality girls unless you are happy attracting English speaking golddiggers and engage in p4p
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Re: Great websites to learn foreign language for FREE

Postby Ghost » Sun Aug 16, 2015 5:31 pm

English speaking women are not inherently gold diggers, but whether or not you find the gold digging ones depends on the context. I'm an English teacher, so I meet a lot of English speaking Chinese girls here, but they certainly aren't gold diggers. If you're a tourist type staying at a resort, then yeah, you'll find gold diggers more than likely.

Anyway, I can vouch for Duolingo, but just like other software, it gets to the point where you need a translator when you use it because you don't get the translation with the software. There is no software out there (to my knowledge) that completely captures what it is to learn a language. No English is a good strategy, but once you get past the basics and start getting into alien concepts that you need for the language, the software will be useless. For example, I recently found out that in Chinese you have to express things differently based on the size/shape of something when you are talking about quantity. Once I was told this I figured out what Rosetta Stone was trying to teach me, but since the software doesn't teach the concept directly, it gets to be useless after a point.
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