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Why do the Zionists/West always try to destroy Russia?

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Why do the Zionists/West always try to destroy Russia?

Postby Tsar » Sat Aug 22, 2015 10:28 pm

Why do the Zionists and the Zionist-Controlled West always try to destroy Russia?

The Zionists are responsible for destroying the Romanov Dynasty and funding the Bolsheviks (especially the American elite Zionists and the Rothschilds). At the time Russia was about to have significant territorial gains in WWI including much of Galicia, a region of Eastern Europe that was dissolved in 1918, and Constantinople (which would have returned to being a Christian city under Russian-rule, for the first time since the fall of the Byzantine Empire which was defeated by the Ottoman Empire several centuries, almost one millennium prior to WWI). Russia was also undergoing expansions into Siberia, building railways, and massive development. They had some of the greatest scientists, writers, philosphers, artists, composers, etc. The Zionists destroyed that.

The Soviet Union followed and the Soviet Union under the original Bolsheviks destroyed much of what Tsarist Russia was about to gain in WWI and they also killed a lot of people including many Christians. But ultimately the Soviet Union did have rapid advancements and some minor expansions. The Zionist-Controlled West ultimately turned the Soviet Union into an enemy (likely because Stalin wasn't the Zionist's choice to rule the Soviet Union after Lenin. The Bolsheviks were Zionist-funded and Zionist-controlled). In WWII the West (America and Britain) also let the Russians battle Nazi Germany, so both Russia and Nazi Germany would experience heavy causalities. The Cold War was largely about money and once again destroying Russia's advancement and status as a great power (or superpower).

Russia was advancing once again as the world's largest nation. But just like after the collapse of the Russian Empire, after the Soviet Union collapses, Russia experienced significant territorial losses. If that wasn't bad enough for them, the Zionist-Controlled West brought much of the Eastern nations which were once part of the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union into NATO, the EU, or both (which happen to be Zionist-Controlled, and many became Vassal States of America and the Zionists). The Soviet Union also brought a decline of Russian advancement and a decline in their living standards, but it did bring a revival of Christianity to Russia. In the 2000s, especially in the latter years, Russian advancement was gaining pace again and so was their military development, and their role in the world (BRICS, etc). Once again the Zionists and Zionist-Controlled West is trying to destroy Russia. They sponsored the 2014 coup in Ukraine, installed a puppet government, placed Sanctions on Russia to destroy Russian advancement and the Russian economy, are attempting to undermine the Russian government in the hopes of installing a pro-Western puppet in Moscow and fracturing Russia once again. I don't think Russia is going to allow the Zionists or the Zionist-Controlled West to destroy them and their country a third time, and they probably have drawn the line in the sand with the events in Ukraine and they won't back down.

It could end with WWIII if the West continues with it's destructive policies against Russia.
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Re: Why do the Zionists/West always try to destroy Russia?

Postby bicycledays » Tue Aug 25, 2015 1:31 am

Because the zionists hate "all things good" and Russia and Putin represent what is good.

Viva Putin. Viva Russia.
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