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Science & Suicide

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Science & Suicide

Post by Wolfeye » August 23rd, 2015, 10:59 pm

Hey, everyone. Did any of you hear about this biomarker thing with suicide? I was just reading about how they, supposedly, can tell if someone's going to commit suicide with tests (I presume of someone's blood). This is actually pretty bad news, considering the whole "nanny state mentality" & general drive to run (or ruin) people's lives in this country.

Right off the bat, this could be used as an angle to do all the things that someone might kidnap someone else for (to general f**k with their or someone else's life, money, etc...). As it is, there's a lot of forcing drugs on someone for business with pharmaceuticals (which frequently make someone suicidal or batshit crazy). There's already a hefty bonus for getting kids placed in foster homes (between $4,000 & $6,000). All of this would now be facilitated & likely amplified. Oh, and there's the concept of them using this in court cases (like if someone was married to a cop that acted like maniac or a dictator & they try to get a divorce from them- now it would go: "Well, they were tested for this marker & it came back positive (purportedly)- so they're unfit parents & should now go to the psycho."). It's not like people don't make up bullshit to fund their department, so there's always that to consider as a motive & considering that the economy is tanking in this country- it's entirely possible for someone to get railroaded by a bunch of shrinks trying to keep their budget up.

The concept of "I'm just going to draw my own conclusions & act on them" is evident in what the guy in the article said. This was on RT, but I'm betting you can find it somewhere else if you type in "suicidal biomarkers." Also using the term "suicide VICTIMS" is bullshit. Someone isn't a VICTIM of suicide any more than they are the VICTIM of an overdose. In one case that person did it to themselves deliberately & in the other they did it to themselves accidentally. Not to say it's never a sad situation on some levels, but someone can't even die in piece in this country if they want to. The only legal thing is being hurled through your own life, apparently.

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