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Illuminati References - Good or Bad Thing?

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Illuminati References - Good or Bad Thing?

Post by Wolfeye » August 29th, 2015, 4:44 am

Hey, everyone. Just saw a commercial on Youtube where they daughter is with her mother in the car & the mother (for no apparent reason) is making a triangle with her fingers, then the daughter goes "No, mom- that's Illuminati!" (or at least says "that's Illuminati" in that kind of tone) & the mother goes "What's that?" A few other times I've heard it referenced on the mainstream media, too. There was the first Tomb Raider, Russell Brand (at least on one commercial), some of the Katt Williams shows & one interview, and there was that Deus Ex video game- to name the ones I can remember.

Now, I don't know for sure what anything is with that- if there IS anything at all. That said, it's generally believed to be a take-over-the-world cult that tries to "divide the house against itself." Satanists that lean toward the pharaonic. There's definitely a trend that seems to be along those lines & whether they're specifically "the Illuminati" or not. I'm wondering if it's maybe just the same kinds thinking alike.

What do you guys think? Is it better for it to be referenced like this? It could have a precluding effect or it could have an advertising effect. I notice they introduce a lot of bullshit in school when a person is young (The Emperor's New Clothes- teaching that whole "group-think" mentality & the concept of going by grading instead of reality, The Boy Who Cried Wolf- teaching to keep listening to someone even if they're a proven liar because the next time could be the "lucky one" where they're telling the truth, etc...). All of these things were referenced in the negative, but seem to occur quite frequently. It's not like people DON'T just keep believing blindly in certification or that they DON'T listen to proven liars year after year.

There's also that "What If A Bad Guy Did That?" reasoning, that seems to follow someone through life. Whenever someone would make an affirmative point about generating an inhospitable environment for attack (whether this was prevention, revenge, escape- anything), someone would always ask: "What if a bad guy did that?" The answer to this is, of course: "That would be an injustice." The thing is that it was always being said, first by the teacher & then also by some of the students, in a tone that conveys: "This isn't a good idea because it would be an injustice in a different situation."

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