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Empower Network

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Empower Network

Post by PeterAndrewNolan » November 15th, 2015, 8:04 am

Hey Winston,

I wanted to put this one publicly so everyone can see I have asked you openly and publicly about EN, ok?

So...for HAers.

I am in to Empower Network and I am building a MGTOWNaught Marketing Team. MGTOWs are the most responsive so far. MRAs/FRAs are too busy whining on facebook.

I have invited Winston in to my team and I would REALLY like him to be on my team as a direct report to me. I have invited him in private messages a few times.

So heres the thing...

I think Winston would be a PERFECT ENer.....

I think I can teach him to make a LOT of money with the tools and the training available at EN and with what I am going to add on top of that.

More importantly, EN is about making an impact in the world. Not just about making money.

Dave Wood has done something unique which is why EN are now signing up 500 people A DAY!

The EN TSUNAMI of registrations is happening.

I knew this was coming which is why I had invited Winston over and over again.

I would like to help Winston make USD10,000 a month for himself and make a bigger impact in the world by improving his way of communicating with people and helping HAers also get to USD10,000 a month. USD10,000 a month is the first target to hit for an ENer who wants to run his franchise as a business.

So if you are on HA and you really think you would like to join a team Winston leads?

Let him know here. I would love HAers to be committed to joining his team.

If, after an open and public discussion, Winston is still a "no" I would like him to endorse my team and I am prepared to remit to him all commissions where the person joins as a result of HA and Winston and puts that in an email to us both.

I do not want to "steal" any money from a HAer. Winston has done a great job on his community.

But at the same time HAers would really benefit from joining Empower Network. Many HAers have exactly the mind set needed to be successful.

So I am putting this post here for open and public discussion. Ok?

My preferred option is for Winston to put his faith in me and join EN and make LOTS of money and show other HAers how to make lots of money too....but not only make money.....EN is ALSO about freeing people (in our case men) from financial constraints so they can live the live they love.

EN is 110% aligned with my Manbook vision of

"Empower Young Men To Live a Life They Love".

So....discussion gents?
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Re: Empower Network

Post by Ghost » November 15th, 2015, 11:32 am

What is it about? Is it a MLM program or something like that?

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Re: Empower Network

Post by PeterAndrewNolan » November 25th, 2015, 5:21 am

Ghost wrote:What is it about? Is it a MLM program or something like that?
Most businesses are MLMs. IBM is an MLM as is google, apple and many others. It is just that MLMs like Amway and Herbal Life got a bit of a bad name because people did not understand that 90% of people who start a retail business fail. Not because the business is bad but because they do the business badly.

Empower Network has a multi level commissions scheme yes. This means your sponsor benefits financially from your sales. That is a motivating factor. For example? To qualify for specific commissions your sponsor has to get one of their team to get 5 new customers per month. If he does not get one of his team to make 5 new sales a month then he misses out on specific commissions. This is part of the financial motivation to get sponsors to help their team members become proficient.

"Proficient" is you can get 5 sales of the blogging software per month. The sponsor gets paid for making sure his team members are proficient. That is pretty much the same as an IBM branch and I worked in one of those.

However, EN is about much more than just selling info is about is about learning the skills it takes to get to the top 1% of bloggers on the planet and make your living from blogging and selling products from your blog. You can sell EN products or you can sell do not have to sell EN products at can just buy them to learn about how to become successful in blogging.

Results vary and there are no can go see the average earnings on the site....but some people, the best, are making USD10K a month. And that is the first target for most people coming get to USD10K a month in income. Of course the guys who have been there the longest and have the most people in their team are making upwards of USD30K a month. So the sky really is the limit.

In the IM world you have leverage like never before....and the EN formula allows you to create a business where the number of people you have in your business does not drive your time up...I have been around business for 33 years and this is the best done for you package I have is way out there with the merger of iPAS2 and EN.

Personally? I want winston to come in under me and then for him to get 5 people a month forever. If he did that then he would make me a "boss maker" the first month he qualifies...and then the next month I have to get someone else to 5 people in a month in sales.

I wanted to have the conversation out in the public so that HAers could see I would like Winston to come in under me and if he doesn't want to do EN then he may give his blessing to HAers to join in my team.

I am concentrating my business development efforts on MGTOWs at the moment...and HAers are not a million miles from the MGTOW philosophy.

So yes, EN is an MLM...but it is much more and it will teach you how to get in to the right mind set to make money blogging and selling products from your blog......with the first product you would sell being the blogging software you are using to blog on. We call it a "branding station" because it is where we brand ourselves online.

Here is my EN blog.....this is the "entry level sale"...take a look around...and feel free to prod winston if you would like to see him start a HA empower network franchise for the princely starting sum of USD25 per month. I mean, of Winston does not want to run a blog because he has the forums he does not have can sell products while not owning them in EN....the first sale is passed up and you get commissions on the second and subsequent sales.....

Check it out....
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Re: Empower Network

Post by PeterAndrewNolan » December 2nd, 2015, 4:59 pm

Hey Guys,

I guess the answer here is that Winston does not want to join my Empower Network team.....and there is so far little interest among other men here to do so too.

And that's fine.

The new compensation plan rewards people who get in sooner rather than later. It is called Uni-line. I put up a video about it here. ... n-on-this/

Basically the compensation plan has now been adjusted such that everyone who arrives in your uniline after you pays you commissions once you reach the leadership rank of gold.

Gold means USD10,000 a month in commissions. And plenty of people are hitting gold now. This month there were 3 new Diamond level guys and that means USD30,000 a month.

The Uniline means that if you work hard and get to USD10,000 in a calendar month you get a BIG bonus next month with a bit of the commission from everyone who came in after you in your uniline. This encourages people to book their spot in the uniline with a purchase at that level and to get working to get to USD10,000 a month.

Signups have gone from 50 per day to 500 per day with the new integration of iPAS2 with Empower Network and the new Uniline compensation plan.

This is why I asked Winston over and over again to join my team...I could see that the merger of iPAS2 and Empower Network was going to explode the signups and I wanted to help Winston make money off all his efforts if I could.

Anyway....feel free to wander over to my blog over here.

When you guys want to learn how to make serious money online I will still be in Empower Network....I plan to be there for the remainder of my life. It is THE place to be in terms of Internet Marketing.....

Of course, this is also an open invitation for Winston to come work with me on this. I would like nothing more than seeing Winston hit USD10,000 a month in Empower Network commissions and be teaching other men how to do the same.....then those men leaving the west and setting up shop being happier abroad rather than sitting in a western country complaining about being unhappy.

To live "happier abroad" you need a way to earn your income and selling on the web is one of the best ways to do that.

If you want to get on my empower network autoresponder list just click on this link and put your email in and see how the sales process works...Ok? ... ingStarted

For those of you who don't Business Intelligence Business is back on its feet and producing money at a nice rate. It has been hard to do that as my crazy ex brother in law Michael Toal has been stalking me and attacking my business my new BI business is one where I have an alias and no one knows I am a part of the business.

It is a shame that one of the few men willing to stand up for the rights of ALL men has to hide himself in a company to make a living....but that is what the west has come to....and it is tolerated by the men who are being victimised....why? Because they are pussies...that's why.

Anyway.....I will create an Internet Marketing MGTOWNaught for all those men who want to go their own way....whether that be Happier Abroad or something else? That is up to the man...after all...supporting MGTOW is about any man who decides his own future.....not just a sub group of them.
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