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Should HA movement expand or stay small?

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Should the HA movement stay small and hidden, or expand massively?

Yes, expand HA so that many more people will learn about the movement.
No, I don't want more people going abroad and ruining things for people who are already abroad.
I don't care.
Total votes: 7

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Should HA movement expand or stay small?

Post by zboy1 » December 1st, 2015, 4:57 pm


My personal opinion, I don't want more people learning about this option. To be honest, I believe this will ruin it for those who are already abroad.

As Marcos mentioned in another post, even though the moderating sucks in this forum, oddly, it helps prevent more people from becoming influenced by things said here and going abroad. I want most people to think that the world outside is a scary, dark place and that everything is hunky dory in the West and the U.S., that feminism is a great thing, and that MRA's, MGTOW's, PUA's and HA'ers are stupid people.

Only a few should have this knowledge.

I know some will say there are other forums, too, like Roosh V and Return of Kings; but the media also likes to attack Roosh and his supporters, and the popular opinion is that MRA's, MGTOW's and HA'ers are crazy or abnormal people. I want people to continue to think that way, as that prevents morons from going abroad en masse, making it easier for the rest of us who know what's up.

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Re: Should HA movement expand or stay small?

Post by MarcosZeitola » December 1st, 2015, 5:23 pm

I agree 100% with this. The problem, of course, is that Winston did not set up this website out of pure idealism. Perhaps at one point he was an idealist, but as it currently stands he has a business model to think of and income to generate with this site. Therefore, the more famous his philosophy becomes, the better things will be for Winston. If he would be elevated to the level of infamy as Roosh, it would mean a big boost to his income. Somehow I doubt Winston would let idealism go before financial profit. And, to be fair, a lot of us wouldn't.

The fewer people know about HA being an option, the better. I've seen so many complete lowlives, loons and freakshows on this forum already. The vast majority will never make it abroad, but the ones that do have the potential of ruining things for the few good men among us. That is not a prospect I am enthusiastic about, and I don't think anyone here in his right mind would be.

Before we get too doom & gloom, Zboy1, let's remember that the vast majority of people on the internet, regardless of what community they belong to, are all talk and no game. They say they will do shit, and end up doing nothing or doing it half-assed. The ones that do, do, the ones that don't, talk.

Me, I am almost done talking. It's amusing, but frankly a waste of time. HA has been a fun pastime for me and a whole lot of others, but it's time to move on. I'll get my own website and focus on my own life. I know that others such as you, Jester, Rock, Davewe, OutWest, hell even crazy ol' Winston, will ultimately do the same. The stories here will stop being told, and we will continue to make stories of our own by actually, you know, living life. ;)

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Re: Should HA movement expand or stay small?

Post by Blue Murder » December 1st, 2015, 5:32 pm

I did check the "I don't care" option because, at the end of the day, if it's meant to happen it will. There won't be any way to stop it. HOWEVER, do I agree? Yes. As said in another thread. The problem with the fallout (nickname for the toxic ones mentioned in this thread) is that they think the world should conform to them. If they visit the Philippines or Taiwan or China or wherever they go, they'd better have the best time ever or else! As soon as they see something they don't like, the country will be considered poisonous and they'll take that drivel with them back to the west, where they will spread the negativity and, if they can make it to the country a second time, make complete asses out of themselves, man. Of course, why go if the country is bad? But I digress. HA had a good start, but things are impermanent. Those of us who can travel, or who currently cannot but at least have a legitimate motivation to get there will connect and network off-site, and the fallout will do likewise. I have the same view when talking about MGTOW/doomsdaymen and "sheeple". Let them keep supporting the system and keeping things going, because without a system, 90% of westerners would die. Including all these podcasters who talk about "survival issues" or apocalypse.

So yes. Those of us who have the passion and desire to get a change of scenery should stick together. That's what I'm doing. Might start blogging/vlogging and keep on truckin'. Them's the breaks, y'all.
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Re: Should HA movement expand or stay small?

Post by Johnny1975 » December 1st, 2015, 10:59 pm

It should expand.
Trolls should be kicked out as soon as they're known to be trolling. Winston is way too soft.
Winston should write new articles for the main site. And write more books (but keep them short!!!!!) and start a podcast or a youtube channel or something
There should be less categories in the forum.
The level of conversation should become less retarded (except when I'm proclaiming to be the greatest poster here, which is absolutely true)
Winston should have a poll on what changes should be made
And most importantly, you should all buy my book, which I've kindly mentioned in my signature.
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Re: Should HA movement expand or stay small?

Post by drealm » December 2nd, 2015, 2:58 am

I voted I don't care. Waking up for most people means finding an easier place to get laid. Or eating some exotic squid in Asia and writing a trip report about it. It doesn't mean finding a wife, bringing her back home, raising children and building something different than what they're escaping from. As a traditionalist who wants to be happier at home I'm an outcast in this "movement" so expanding it does nothing for me.

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