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Thought Termination Addiction?

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Thought Termination Addiction?

Post by Wolfeye » December 23rd, 2015, 9:42 am

Hey, everyone. I noticed something a while ago that I thought I'd share. I figure this explains quite a few things in America.

Things that stunt the brain or stall congnitive processes seems to cause a high in some people. An example is jumping to the nearest cliche. There's actually something called a "thought-terminating cliche," like "tin foil hat theories" or "I was drinking, but I wasn't drunk"- I've never seen anyone wearing a tin foil hat & sometimes some WAS drinking & actually WASN'T drunk. Same idea with contradictions (ex: titles like "Eyes wide shut") & things that simply don't make sense. Things that are short, simple, or symetrical can also be this way- not because they're never accurate, they just don't take much in the way of mental. Blindly trusting certification & title-based thinking. Blindly following orders. All these things are VERY common in this part of the world (not that it never comes up in other ones) & I figure this is a main reason. It's not that someone is too stupid, it's that they're addicted to thought-terminating situations.

I particularly think blindly trusting certification & blindly following orders has obvious roots in this mental addiction, since a lot of times people will do it when nothing else makes sense. They might argue that in different conditions, doing otherwise would cause problems, but why would someone even say that? It's obvious that something would have a different effect in different conditions. If you were to wear a winter coat in the summer it would be too hot, but not if you wear it in the winter! That reflexive incongruency is something that might play a role in a lot of situations, but I think people really do that because they are trying to get that feeling back & might be trying to get it from that response. It so blunt, so clipped, so confusing- must be that these people get a high from it & that high takes priority over all. "What if a bad guy did that?" seems to be the reflexive response whenever someone does something to circumvent attack that someone else might deserve. Outside of simply wanting to bolster injustice & inhospitable living conditions, I can't think of any other reason for someone to say something like that. Especailly when actually determining a course of action in serious conditions or deducing someone's guilt or innocence in an actual situation.

It's like being addicted to tranquilzers. Interestingly enough, if someone were to overdose on those, they'd die. Maybe this happens mentally, as well? Like if someone were to be in a chokehold too long? I wonder if someone could actually give themselves brain damage by thinking in too limited of a way? I don't mean to make simple deductions in the course of their life, since some things ARE simple. I mean to habitually cut their thinking short, as a common mode of behavior. Maybe it's the deliberate act of cutting things short that does it? That things are longer than that, but they repress or reduce their thinking.

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