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Is the beard now "in"?

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Is the beard now "in"?

Post by MatureDJ » December 27th, 2015, 8:20 am

I've been catching up on the videos by Roller Steve (Hoca), and have obviously noticed that he has grown a glorious hipster beard (he said that as he has now "given up", he figures what the hell, and the beard helps fill out his marathon-training-emaciated face. I've also read that even the supposedly socially-conservative crowd is now heralding that a beard is manly, etc. And a forum post at Roosh's forum mentions that Russian women (but evidently only Russian, not Ukrainian) seem to like beards. ... hristians/
Russian girls like beards more than Ukrainian. Girls are stroking my beard like I'm a Persian cat. In Ukraine that never happens. One girl said, "Strong men have beards." I can safely keep a longer beard here. I'm very pleased at this development.
Back around the turn of the millennium, I had a nice beard like Roosh (although in the Amish way - i.e., no moustache). I remember some Belarussian man that had a little agency giving me advice that the beard made me look older, so I should cut it off, which I did. (i was beginning to get a little grey in the beard although my hair was very non-grey.) However, i am now thinking "what the hell"; I am no longer really chasing the 18-25 demographic, but the 25-30 demographic, so I don't think that looking like Justin Bieber is advised anymore. The one thing that I always had liked about having a beard was that it was distinct, and that it was like being a peacock with a certain color base that most other peacocks had, which could make me stand out more. I think it may be time.

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Re: Is the beard now "in"?

Post by wanderlust » December 28th, 2015, 7:37 am

Establishment conservatives are normally the last to catch on to fashion trends. Even Paul Ryan now has a beard, so that seems to suggest it's on its way out.

Recently I read an article to the effect that the pendulum has started to swing the other way again, and the shave is gaining momentum. Not that I'm pleased about it.

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Re: Is the beard now "in"?

Post by droid » December 28th, 2015, 6:07 pm

You're like 4 or 5 five years late in news dude. This crap has invaded the world already. You can't escape from the cloned, bearded hipsters and fake mountainmen. In either of the the leftist libtard SJW, rapper, southerner or 'right-wing' yuppie flavors or combinations thereof.
I thought I was safe here in Vietnam but I see at least one a day, what a nightmare. Thankfully locals can't get on this train since Asian dudes can't really grow a beard like that, except for the older Confucian type of guys, but that's a whole different thing.
And a forum post at Roosh's forum mentions that Russian women (but evidently only Russian, not Ukrainian) seem to like beards.
Some women like whatever is "in" at the moment
1)Too much of one thing defeats the purpose.
2)Everybody is full of it. What's your hypocrisy?

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