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If my psychic friend is right, you may want to quit on love

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If my psychic friend is right, you may want to quit on love

Post by S_Parc » January 3rd, 2016, 12:01 am

Ok, this holiday season has been an interesting one.

I know someone, who claims to be ... somewhat psychic on many issues. Anyways, he's an interesting character whether or not you believe his diatribes.

From his p.o.v, Mel and I are fraternal twins from a past incarnation. In fact, the ONLY thing that her and I did, was to reconstruct our family, from yesteryear. And thus, our prior failed relationships was nothing more than us, simply trying to reunite the old family. In essence, his belief is that all our prior experiments in 'love' were calculated failures. On some unconscious level, we'd decided that only person for us, was our prior familial member.

Now, I do believe that a lot of this, sounds a bit f'cked up, but when I try to dissociated myself from it, in terms of real-time perception, perhaps it's not too far fetched.

Today, as a man in his mid-to-late 30s, I don't seek other females, I simply want to come home. And you know what that is ... to be home with Mel. And in many ways, she feels the same way, despite wanting to periodically f*ck other women. Yes, the RealDoll appears to help assuage that thing.

For our entire friendship, we never had any issues, zero. That's not normal for most normal heterosexual couple.

If what my friend is saying has any semblance of truth, then just some New Age mumbo jumbo, then perhaps it's best for ppl to acknowledge that love between a man and woman, is really just a delusion. If you didn't already establish that thing from prior lives then today, it's just a bunch of bozos, looking for validation.

Winston, as well as Bosstone, may be on the best path and that's simply, going from hoe to hoe, believing that each one is some 'amazing love', so that the fantasy continues. The difference is that Bosstone accepts this, whereas Winston is in a bit of denial.
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