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Are presidents a representation of local male sex appeal?

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Are presidents a representation of local male sex appeal?

Postby drealm » Mon Jan 18, 2016 9:31 am

In other words does a president of a country represent who a woman wants to sleep with for said country?

For example latin american countries at the top are white southern european segregationists with xenophobic fear of mutating into sub human indians. These castizos are also the most evolved sexual con artists in the world. This is due to the unique historical situation of an entire latin american continents being imported with southern european con artistry and also not having any natural predators to stem this evolution by luck of sea faring barrier. So as long as a leader has southern European facial attractiveness and a hint that he can have affairs with lots of women he'll be elected. If you look at the example of mexico's president and offlings below you'll see they're all top 1%ers and all fit this critera. The male offling has probably already interbred with many other white segregationist castizos. He has his shirt popped open to make an aggressive point that he has lots of sexual capital. The women will go on to become masturbation icons for the indian population of the country in varying professions like soap opera, weather girl, etc. All of them are excellent at producing smiles that use full range of muscles as a psychologically disarming tactic.


Now if you at some place like Ukraine the president looks different. He's fat, has no style and his face is a big pudgy block. They suck at smiling and they don't give a shit.

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