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Photos from Matt's 35 days in Mexico

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Re: Photos from Matt's 35 days in Mexico

Postby MattHanson1990 » Mon Oct 10, 2016 3:48 pm

Winston wrote:
MattHanson1990 wrote:
Winston wrote:
MattHanson1990 wrote:Tapatio and I had this discussion a few days ago. And it's because he took acting courses, and thus became an experienced actor, whereas I never took classes in acting.

This has nothing to do with acting classes. Most personalities on YouTube do not take acting classes. Are you usually that stiff in person off camera too? Or does the camera freeze you up? If the latter, I can understand because if you're not used to it, the camera can make you nervous and freeze up at first. You gotta practice a lot because you get comfortable on camera. Also you gotta heal your inner wounds too which might cause your subconscious mind to sabotage you in ways like this. It takes practice and you gotta visualize yourself doing it the way you want.

The camera freezing me up is what it is.

So you aren't like that around girls right? lol. Around girls you are supposed to be positive, lighthearted and confident. That's what chicks like. Even Tapatio said that. Chicks don't dig straightforward honesty and truthfulness the way we do.

If you freeze up on camera, then try this: Think of something you are very passionate about and care about, and do some videos on it. Practice on camera by recording it. If it sucks, do it over again. Do this several times a week. Eventually you will get better and better and more comfortable. Then when you are satisfied that you did well without looking nervous, then you can upload it to YouTube. This works best when you talk about something you care about and are passionate about. The good news is that it gets easier each time. Eventually the camera becomes you friend. You gotta treat the camera as if it were your friend and love it as though the camera loves you and will praise you while you talk. lol. Try that and you'll get better.

Around women, I'm most confident if they make eye contact with me first or my social circle(s) introduce me to women. I'm not a cold approach fanatic like some guys in HA are. And in Latin America, cold approaching is not commonly done; Latin women get cat called a lot so not all are going to be approachable.
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Re: Photos from Matt's 35 days in Mexico

Postby Winston » Tue Oct 11, 2016 10:16 pm

Check out Matt Hanson's practice video on camera. lol. He twirls his hands around in it like Bruce Lee trying to psyche you out. lol. You gotta be a member of our Facebook group though to see it, because it's only uploaded on FB, not YouTube.
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