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Need urgent help w/an essay critiquing the American society!

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Need urgent help w/an essay critiquing the American society!

Post by TruthOrConsequences » April 9th, 2016, 11:16 pm

Has Anyone ever read or even heard of Mark Twain's Huckleberry Finn? If Anyone has, I would need some advice..

Basically, the topic of my essay is "Criticism of the American Society" in that novel, so I've figured I could use some feedback from my fellow HappierAbroaders.

Granted that we do not live in the Antebellum South or Missouri of the 1830's, I find that some themes/ideas in the novel have much to do with parts of the American society as it is today. Religious zeal and fanaticism - much like racism and certain other entrenched attitudes - have been kept in social circles and in other beliefs of many Americans today. It is the fact that despite technology advancements and changes in laws and the political climate, there are some dispositions that Americans have and they just won't ever change!!

So then.. the obvious ways in which Sam Clemens or Mark Twain criticized American society are:
-Narrator's persona, point of view and language as the story is presented through the eyes of a half-literate 13-year-old son of a town drunkard who runs away from an abusive family
-His bond or relationship with Jim, who is a runaway slave and how the two end up in the same predicament
-Various people and situations they come across when travelling up Mississippi River, and how the two are shown to be at a constant risk of being captured/compromised
-Huck Finn's view of things in contrast to that of a typical American teenager or a protagonist that American public would expect to see as the main hero of the novel

Please, drop by a couple of lines on what you think or what I might be missing in my rough sketch of a draft. In the next three days I'm going to have to submit it as an immaculate 1200-word essay with refreshing ideas and strong back-up points, and a conclusion. Think of how this novel might apply to the American society today in some aspects and how Twain implicitly criticized it even more than ever. My professor grades papers on a master level and expects our papers to be sound, interestingly written and way beyond what is normally expected of 2nd year college students in English.

Please help. Anything that Twain talked about in his novel could relate to modern-day beliefs in America among the followers of Donald Trump and the neocons? Anything of the sort? Or how the society still remains fragmented, racist and extremely conservative on many levels? Don't leave me hanging on this one, Comrades HappierAbroaders!
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