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Western society just give me reason to dislike them all the

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Western society just give me reason to dislike them all the

Post by Zionosis » April 15th, 2016, 11:39 pm

So my point is that I am an intelligent and generally non violent white person. But most of the white population isn't like that, I have met quite a few good white people in my time. But most occasions of people being idiots have come from white people.

For example I used to go to Chinatown a lot in Sydney because it was busy but peaceful and I used to go there with a friend a lot, I was never harassed there once. Crime there is low also.

Go to other parts of the city with white people, you are likely to come across groups of drunk idiots that will try to mess with you. I was alone and a group of white men came out of some building and were clearly drunk (they were all wearing some strange red clothes like part of a group). Then they tried to start crap with me for no reason and tried to hit me, luckily I have good reflexes and avoided being hit. And I just ran away from them (luckily I am a fast runner also).
I am not interested in fighting a group of like 9 people. I am also not interested in fighting for no reason and just being a general idiot.

That wasn't the only time either, in my town (country town in Australia, mostly white). Some bum asked me for money and I just said "No" and kept walking, then he tried to come after me.
This guy recently died in our town a few months ago, he probably tried to mess with someone and they put an end to him.

Anyway, I just notice most BS and idiotic behavior comes from my own people. I have been to Japan and was never harassed once either.

I am not saying they are perfect or anything, but in general they do harass people less and they do commit crimes less. Both things I like as I am a person who also doesn't want to harass anyone for no reason and also doesn't want to rape or kill someone.

I also find more common sense among these people, in the west I find more political correctness and I feel like people will jump all over me just for saying the truth. Like in the west many are fat and many repeat this "big is beautiful" thing and many just don't call a spade a spade, they like to be all politically correct about everything.

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Re: Western society just give me reason to dislike them all

Post by starchild5 » April 16th, 2016, 4:19 am

I can talk about India, even with all flaws...India is one of the most peaceful countries...Here, Poverty is not a crime...All these Rape stats also is lowest if you take 1.2 billion people in India that's entire Europe and North America combined...How many rapes and murder happen in these two continents...Much more than India's.

In India, if a rape happens, it gets flashed all across the news, In Europe and America, its no big deal...many sexual assaults gets few min coverage, while in India, its there for months till the guilty is put in prison.

You can pretty much walk into any street in a big city and you will come out in one piece.

Poverty is not a crime in India. There are no Go to Zones in India.

...I lived in Mumbai where slumdog millionaire was filmed and walked all over Dharavi the largest slum in Asia and never ever felt unsafe, unlike in Rio and other American cities.

There is no concept of unsafe areas in India. You can go to anywhere in India if you an Indian and worry about nothing...For tourist, of-course common sense should be practiced as certain element seek out foreign tourists.

Of-course, we know how corrupt, poor, dirty India is..The point is Physical Violence...You will never get attacked Physically in India anywhere. Its very very rare.

My Indian friend in Melbourne was attacked and he was hospitalized for few weeks when he arrived in Australia for studies, while going out for drinks with his friend. He is still traumatized by that, being an Indian, he never thought people would physically hurt him, In India, most that would happen is Verbal bickering not physical assaults. He just went out randomly in Melbourne to drink..big mistake

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