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My half-drunk rant

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My half-drunk rant

Postby Eric » Tue May 03, 2016 3:45 am

We are way too serious on this website. I feel like, seriously the guys on this forum (and girls) are ....way too intelligent for their own good. I don't know if we are the intelligentsia, or we're old fashioned, whatever. But, I've had a few drinks in me, only a couple really..and I've looseend up enough to fit into this f***ed up American Satanic culture lol.

i literally feel like you have to sell your soul - to get along here. Its not your father's Christian country, anymore. When I have a couple drinks in me, I"m just like everyone else. Maybe that's what you all need. I'm just sayin'. It miht be the prescription.
I was at the bar talkin to this dude, about the shit we talk about here - of course totally oblivious lookin' at me like I'm a maniac. It dawned on me, this idiot will have no clue or never know.
But I left and was walking through the grocery store when i dawned on me. You have to just not give a f**k and be crazy, to get what you want. Everyone else does - who gets what they want. That's how it is now, don't know if it's always been that way but it is now. You have to sell your soul to get something - whether it's talking to people or, girls, or what ever you want to do. This is the truth. There's no other way around it- but see people don't give a f**k.
Or I just don't. I realize the truth, the brainwashed zombies are just brainwashed and stupid...not realizing they are being played and playing a game. They don't fully realize what they are doing. I do. You just have to not care....that's all that there is to it! Just do it... who cares...while you're here. Make exceptions.. just do it! Have fun. Not give a f**k. WHen in Rome. God will forgive...he has given you keys for good and evil. If you understand both then you are more powerful. Have fun. This is just the real shit.
I just realized, maybe I should get buzzed more often - until I move.
YOu just have to not give a f**k. Get what you want. The Bible tells you good and evil. It tells you in the Old Testament that you can be good and evil, etc. That is power right there, having the choice. Literally says in there gives you permission and there are roots for thinking you dont have to be good all the time. ... Why should you because you are Christian? Learn some real shit.
Just live life, get with the flow, be where you are where you are.

That's it.

P.S. I love you guys here at happierabroad! You all are like my second family, or something... I really feel akin to you here. It's like a home away from home where I get to talk about shit I never do in my real life!!! Even though if we're all crazy - so what!!
I'm crazy with you all!
"Above all else guard thy mind*(heart), from it all things in life spring forth from."
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