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How come my postings are being deleted?

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Re: How come my postings are being deleted?

Postby Eric » Thu Jun 09, 2016 11:58 pm

If that were were true, you'd be banned right off the bat. It's all you do is insult other members. Many of us guys don't "get women" because we choose not to - we choose not to play the game that we have to play, lowering our dignity and honor &integrity, to get something hardly worth it; and, in the process - to even be disrespected and jerked around on a chain, while doing it.

It's a lose lose situations. Unless you want to bang a slut - then go for it, there's plenty of that here. You shouldn't talk about American culture. You have no idea what it's like and you don't live here. Keep talking though, that's what you're good at. Mexican culture allows cohesion and friendships to flourish & develop, it allows a rich(er) vibrant life; here is materialism/status, ego and a deep aversion to 'culture'. No one gives anything, and everyone takes. It's dog eat dog, and so It's just very ugly.
"Above all else guard thy heart - from it all of the things in life spring from."
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Re: How come my postings are being deleted?

Postby cdnFA » Fri Jun 10, 2016 12:11 am

Tapatio89 wrote:
cdnFA wrote:
Tapatio89 wrote:
drealm wrote:@OP

I think you just pressed the wrong button, maybe fingers were greasy?

Or the other possibility is that you're a second class citizen here and get worst treatment. After all none of my posts were deleted.

Don´t get all clever, Drealm. This does not concern you.


You asked a question on a public forum instead of sending a PM to the site admin. What the hell did you expect.

And you call someone else a fool. That's rich.

There are rules here on this forum, and one is not to insult other forum members?

If you do not follow your so-called values, then you are a hypocrite. No wonder any of you guys get women. Now, this is starting to make sense :lol: :mrgreen:

Not my forum, not my rules ya mook.

Claiming that someone either is or should base their values on a forum they happen to post on is a fail of epic scale.

Again, I verbally beat down your ass not that you can see it and or admit to it.
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