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Why the majority of autistic children are boys

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Why the majority of autistic children are boys

Postby josephty1 » Sun Jun 12, 2016 7:31 pm

A question arises as to why the majority of autistic children are boys—four times as many boys as girls. This disproportionate rate of occurrence might have to do with how mothers of autistic children feel about men in general. Men have repressed women for centuries. Most women are reactively at odds with men, and experience themselves as the underdog.

Many women have built-up an intense subconscious hostility toward men, and compete with them for superiority and control. Many women actually hate men,
primarily because of how their sexually abusive fathers treated them. Many women are incest survivors who were demeaned, humiliated, controlled, abused, and sexually abused by their fathers, and, also, sometimes, by male siblings or other male relatives.

Women who have issues with men, subconsciously (and, sometimes, also consciously) project their intensely negative feelings onto their male children. In the body of a pregnant woman who hates men, a male baby will have a difficult time during a pregnancy and tend to have extreme selfish reactions.

Women who hate other women are significantly less in number than women who hate men. Most women do not seem to have nearly as many issues with other women.

However, vaccines, formula milk, and processed foods also lead to autism as well.
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Re: Why the majority of autistic children are boys

Postby Moretorque » Sun Jun 12, 2016 11:09 pm

Women have 2 complete sets of chromosomes so if one is damaged the other is a back up ?, this is in the area of addressing by a real expert.

Mr. Wu would you please come post on the subject.
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