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Russian article on different types of foreign suitors

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Russian article on different types of foreign suitors

Postby blurryface » Mon Jun 27, 2016 3:14 pm

Translation below

You can clearly distinguish four basic types:

1) Overweight is not the young men (50-70 years). They are not educated, divorced, of modest means, some of which give ex-wives. They live in small towns, working-class suburbs, depressed areas or big cities in the trailers. They learn about the Russian woman from the media and the Internet.

Their limited and naive in their ignorance of reality alien mind pragmatists paints a picture of how young sexy babe is not only pleasure in bed, but the economy will! This type of foreign suitors interested in finding a free prostitute-housekeeper.

2) The second type of foreign suitors - losers of 35-45 years. Some of them are stupid or poor; someone not particularly beautiful or has a bad temper; someone has a problem with alcohol, games, or all at once. They do not have stable work, own property. Interrupt one downstream position to another. The bottom line is that local women are an obvious illiquid.

It is this type of man to justify their failure, telling horror stories about the terrible feminist oppression laws, entirely unpretentious and private unrated counterparts.The motive is the same - to find everything ready on a foreign partner, who does not know about the low social status of men. Usually they have the rudiments of mental disorders and the fall in crime chronicles domestic violence.

3) The third type of foreign suitors appeared recently. Young men (20-30 years) are turning to social networks, deceived broken English students of pedagogical institutes dormitories for its "villas" in 40 square meters. m. in a provincial towns, but says nothing that even relatives live there but them. They are driven by interest in the new series of failures and with countrywomen. No serious plans - that stretches back to work up a child of a string popolzovatsja Russian brides with the hope that the next time definitely lucky ...

4) There is another common situation: the Russian "princess" so "popular" in the indigenous population of the same in Spain, the United States or France, because of the obvious problems with the finance / housing abroad, Russian women are ... the same emigrants: Moroccans Mexicans, Ecuadorians, Nigerians and representatives of other advanced civilizations. This highly spiritual surpasses such relations. For this type of foreigners Russians are an element of prestige among the tribesmen and serve to legitimize and assimilation in the eyes of the host country population.

If we take the ratio, the above options in the order of 90% of the cases. Where is the promised matchmakers, forums, hundreds of agencies and thousands of false articles in the press and on the Internet hand-made beauties, millionaires and other pleasant-smelling handsome heroes with pictures, furiously beating his hoof into the ground next to his if not the BMW, then at least Toyota's impatience to get hold "excellent" (??) Russian wife?

In fact, everything is very simple: foreign women are also not miss and dismantle all outstanding men, leaving no chance to the Russian woman who gets the role of easily accessible, cost-effective options unpretentious concubines in representatives of the lower strata of the local population and immigrants from the Third World. Such are the foreign grooms
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Re: Russian article on different types of foreign suitors

Postby blurryface » Tue Jun 28, 2016 11:19 pm

I wonder if they thought these things about Winston...
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