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I think i figured out pop music/radio mind control!

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I think i figured out pop music/radio mind control!

Post by livefreeordie » July 1st, 2016, 4:45 am

Ive always wondered about the purpose of crappy pop songs playing virtually everywhere you go out in the day, including supermarkets, shopping centres etc

And it struck me like a lightning bolt one day, the songs are always singing about love and how the singer is dying without 'her' ( as the elites know full well most have lead loveless, passionless lives ) therefore in most men, either consciously or subconsciously adding to the feeling of a 'hole' in their life, and leading to further loneliness, depression, and ultimately ease of control, a minion more likely to indulge in junk food, multinational corporate poison, and prostitutes, which leads to dissatisfaction

Of course those who are 'lucky' enough to find 'love', find it turns into oneitis/marriage which often turns the man into debt enslavement and a useful pawn for the very powerful international bankster usury cartel, so push out the importance of 'love' constantly in the mind of every man and woman and how 'they are nothing' without it. I marvel at how well in a country that could literally fit every man, woman and child on earth~Australia, we pay on average upwards of $500,000 for the typical brick box and small parcel of land. Thats more energy spent and invested than the typical slave of roman times i would guess!

Other uses

Work-it numbs the workers to avoid thinking, and helps to keep the worker focused on pulling the levers of their job

NLP hooks- words sound different - Luck sounds like F$#k, ex sounds like sex etc, these act as little 'hooks' to get your attention

Reverse words/reverse speech-you might be familiar with the satanic sounding lyrics when you play certain songs backwards like stairway to heaven

Ass/Tits in your face- by pushing sex in your face in video clips your subconscious is more likely to accept the programming, its hard wired to accept content related to sex/death, hence those two themes dominating TV

And of course the final icing on the cake, the annoying as f$#k anchor, of the annoying stupid pop music jingle that sometimes sticks in your head for days, creating a desire to murder original pop-idiot singer

Black songs- enhances 'coolness' of black men, deconstructing identity of white men or boys trying to be 'blacker', ive seen this with a lot of young US military guys

My advice-avoid any pop music or radio prodigiously, i find my mind far more clearer and uncluttered and more disconnected from the 'matrix' when i avoid or wear headphones. I protect my subconscious mind from attacks, and even though it can be challenging sometimes, things like watching documentaries, edutainment, audiobooks, non lyrical music such as clasical or trance music, can feed the minds need for stimulation

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