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Noticing Similarities Between America & Islam

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Noticing Similarities Between America & Islam

Post by Wolfeye » July 23rd, 2016, 4:26 am

Hey, everyone. I've been noticing some things that give me concern. I see, in a lot of subtle way, a high degree of similarity between Islam & the way things go around here. I know there isn't as much superficial similarity & that that is the limit of what a lot of people notice, but without the skin tone, the language, and the Middle Eastern clothing, a lot of things are the same- or at least, dynamically, of very similar "rhythms." I'll make a short list, but it shouldn't be surprising that there's an easy ability to create a long one- America was founded by what sounds like the Christian version of ISIS.

(1) General perviness with a "not it" background: In America, theft is theft & murder's murder- by any vehicle or variation. But when things get strange, there's frequently some kind of argument to back it up that amounts to "What happens isn't what occurs." This is with men, women, sometimes even with children- especially if a doctor's involved, people act like it's some "sinful" act to preclude any of those kinds of actions. Sure, someone MIGHT not be doing whatever it is TO be abusive- but someone doesn't have to have a heartfelt intention to murder someone in order to murder them, either. It's how the situation is COMPORTED, not what they admit to after the fact.

In the Islamic traditions, it's more or less an overt version of the same thing. All kinds of incest & such, but also things that are more subtle- virginity testing, for instance (not just for women, either- which was, strangely, called for what it is with men that they accuse of being gay). All sorts of "parental comportment" when it comes to f***ing-around. Various things with farm animals. You get the drift.

(2) Micro-managing people's lives. America finds fuckin' fault with fuckin' everything! Constant rules/laws/unwritten rules- it's even been compared to a muslim country like that. It's hard not to have the same pattern, since the issue of everything being an issue is always coming up- you come off like a crouchy prick because it's not really a hospitable environment. The largest prison population in the world, both by percentages & by total number. The constant issue of something being a "micro-aggression" or some kind of breach of one regulation or another- school, work, whatever. It's not EXACTLY like prison, jail, or juvie- but then these things are constant possibilities, especially since reality doesn't factor into much of anything except instigation (someone has to aim the bullet for it to hit what they're aiming at, after all- same holds true for lying instead of telling the actual story that they know will make them rightfully look bad). Someone can't do much of anything without being the "bad guy" & it never seems the one that does that is ever seen as the "bad guy." The one with the urge to "string up" as general action is never "strung up."

Islam blatantly states this concept all the time. It's not like they keep it to themselves, either. They prefer to spread it, much like a certain "exceptional" empire. The whole "democracy" thing doesn't click well with them. They get all cranked-up & pissed-off whenever someone doesn't follow their commands & considers it some kind of hate crime with that happens- be it a religious persecution, racism, or whatever else they can come up with. It's not like this is news, of course- but they consider it to be "islamophobia" whenever anyone but them says it.

(3) Flying into a narcissistic rage. Happens VERY frequently in both cultures. Americans were always quick to get pissy whenever someone made mention of an issue in the country, whether they were from America or not. The majority argument seems to have been: "If you don't like it, why don't you just get out?" So, basically: "Wallow in problems or live in exile." Some fuckin' freedom of speech, too- isn't it? Any time someone made points that didn't affirm that it was just random "flukes" happening constantly, people'd get pissy & usually make some comparison to an actual warzone or to some country like Saudi Arabia (usually without knowing it was Saudi Arabia, just something they heard about somewhere "out there"). It's not like you can really bring up much of anything that people don't have a direct influence by voting, so pretty much everything. That's why people will spend $5.00 on a cup of coffee or get all kinds of obsessed about American Idol- it's something where their "vote" counts. Never got why it's seen to personally reflect on them & "make them look bad"- issues with reality?

Muslims- where to even begin? They just flip completely-the-f**k-out in the exact pattern of a narcissistic rage. Literally seems to be textbook narcissism that nobody mentions in that way- it's never looked at in such "mundane" terms. I guess because people tend to think that these are personal traits that happen on an individual level, but forget that THAT can happen numerous times over. All the shouting & guilt trips & violent outbursts are nothing short of being an arrogant lunatic.

(4) Instigating. Starting shit is not rare for the US. So many wars, so many countries they've f***ed-up or made from bad to worse. It's not limited to foreign affairs, not by a long shot. Domestically, they pull the first trigger all the time & consider it "self-defense" to maintain their instigation. The "armed goons" are an easy catch with all that, but it's getting to be anyone that is any position of support when it comes to implementing a "policy" or a "manner of comportment." Lots of "Water Cooler Dictators" out there, but medical personnel & teachers are also frequently like that. There's not much concept of sanity in a lot of these professions, either- it's more like a dangerous version of being stuck behind an 80-year-old at the liquor store because their ID wouldn't scan. The "bureaucratic insanity" is an example of the "subtlety" that was mentioned earlier. They'd sooner execute the wrong person than stop the course of action when their various "protocols" say "once you start an action, you can't adjust course." Cops do this all the time with their little handcuff rituals ("Once the 'cuffs go on, they go to jail"- shit like that).

Muslims do this plenty in their own countries, but are willing to travel. They don't seem to mind f***ing-up other areas of the world, whether they welcome them to that country there or not. Not too much point in splitting hairs on the exact mannerism, since it seems to fluctuate- sometimes even throughout the action. First it's some kind of an etiquette thing, then it's a serious offense, then it's some kind of religious nonsense, then it's all kinds of shit where it's okay to lie under this condition & to kill another one of their religion in that condition.

(5) Weird issues with vice. America, coming from a Puritan background, has long had issues with damn-near everything. Booze, cigarettes, pot- name it, even sex with the wife. The concept of going completely apeshit over things like that is not a long-lost colonial tradition. People get "engaged" by policy implementation workers all the time over that & it's not really a rare thing for someone to wind up dead- even if it's not by hanging or the "olde time" methods. I'm not "Mr. Weed," but I'd think if I felt like it or it maybe even stood to save my life I wouldn't get my chops busted by someone that, theoretically, is a GUARD against someone flipping out on me & mine in the EXACT same fashion that they do over something that's not NEARLY proportionate to that reaction.

The Middle East is all over the map with that- even MUSIC is banned in some areas. Don't know if this is current, but I remember a guy from Morocco saying if he was caught breaking the fast during ramadan (probably spelled wrong) he would have been locked-up for 6 months! Don't know if this applies to "infidels," but then that's probably a whole other can of worms.

Agree? Disagree? Just figured this might explain the concept of girls in TEXAS getting put in burkas & being commanded to sign forms that say it was voluntary (which is completely hollow, of course).

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Re: Noticing Similarities Between America & Islam

Post by Ghost » July 23rd, 2016, 5:52 am

Islam: oppress women with barbarism.

America: oppress women by turning them into men.

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Re: Noticing Similarities Between America & Islam

Post by OutWest » July 23rd, 2016, 6:10 pm

Ghost wrote:Islam: oppress women with barbarism.

America: oppress women by turning them into men.

Truth in that.. the OP's assertion that America was founded by the Christian version of ISIS shows how poorly read most are, with total ignorance about the framers of the Constitution or the primary writer of the Declaration of Independence. It's a popular leftist meme, but ISIS types do not produce documents like The Bill of Rights or rights to religious and political freedoms. John Locke is not on their list.

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Re: Noticing Similarities Between America & Islam

Post by Wolfeye » July 23rd, 2016, 8:34 pm

OutWest: Was talking about Puritans, specifically. The people that came later weren't & there was even a theory during the Civil War that the Northerners were a different race of white man than the Southerners (the North was from the Saxons/Puritans & the South was from the Normans/Cavaliers- the beliefs were that the Saxon/Puritan North was predisposed to different things than the Norman/Cavalier South).

There was a book that I, admittedly, didn't finish yet called "The Scottish Invention of America" & I'm quite aware that large amounts of the Constitution & such were based on Indian Law- as well as there being various philosophical/cultural aspects from Scotland. I just think the "sins of the father" have had a far-reaching effect & sometimes things are just a long-standing tradition that doesn't work well, but doesn't make everyone drop dead on the spot.

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