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Having to be the "best"?

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Having to be the "best"?

Post by Wolfeye » July 27th, 2016, 2:47 am

Ever notice how you're seen almost as "convicted guilty" if you're not the best? Like if someone loses a fight or someone else has more expertise than you? They could be a COMPLETE asshole & still get looked at with favor by other people that can't really trust that person- it's like they never think the "expert" would go after them. I don't understand this too well, since they'd have to worry about that person using that expertise against them. It's like they just swallow whatever's shiny or go by the "taste test" when dealing with situations (never mind that antifreeze is sweet & that's why people use it to commit suicide).

Is it just the concept of "someone only gets what they deserve"? That fortune or function is seen as some kind of litmus test & if someone falls short or is down on their luck, it's a sign that they're "bad"? I figure there's a huge propensity to be like an addict here- that tendency toward "comforting themselves" is commonplace & almost never manifests itself in "Looking the devil in the eye." Sizing things up for what they actually consist of & taking serious things seriously is almost as rare as a kid eating vegetables instead of candy.

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