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America Wastes People's Lives

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America Wastes People's Lives

Post by Wolfeye » August 6th, 2016, 2:57 pm

Something dawned on me quite strongly: A good chunk of what's supposed to be "the best years of my life" are behind me & weren't anything to write home about. Not full. Not lush. Not much of anything- kind of like purgatory, to be honest. I realized in a discussion that most of what there is to do here is to use money- it's not like there are park benches or an ability to not "be about your business & be on your way." Especially in the last 10 years, it's gotten to where there's a subtle hatred of private enterprise in the broadest sense (not to mention a general trend of escalating viciousness in law enforcement- the same people that get called to handle shit like a 19-year-old MAYBE drinking alcohol from an open container at a wedding).

So there's child labor laws, which keep you from getting any money when you're younger (though you're still looked at as "culpable" for it- like YOU f***ed up). When you're older, not many jobs are available to you because you don't have work experience (which you can't get without the job) or they require all kinds of certification (not that you need all this special schooling to actually DO the job, of course). Once you GET this certification (which generally puts people in debt), you MIGHT get the job- then it's outsourced to India. Of course, while you're there, your life is so bureaucratized that you might literally go crazy (or be in such a state that you seek medical help, which puts you on pills that make you crazy or suicidal). But you're not there too often (it's not like work monopolizes people's lives or anything- oh, wait...).

Add to this a culture that seems to have an issue with liking things (because they're so arrogant that nothing's good enough for them or they simply have a "negative identity" & feel somehow at risk of disappearing if they agree with someone- like there wouldn't be the state of two separate people both thinking a certain thing). How's your prospects now? IS there much of a point in bothering?

Oh- I almost forgot to mention: This is also a culture that tends to try being other people's "battery," usually blames the people they instigate with for their f**k-ups or someone else's (victim-blaming for various reasons, seems like they just like whatever the "knife" is that they also like twisting), has a tendency toward instigating actual wars where at least a trillion dollars is lost & its terrorist-bolstering effects are actually SUPPORTED in a round-about sort of way, actually arrests a father to trying to walk his kid home from school (Tennessee), AND can't even pump clean water to its own territory when it has every means to do so.

Sure, these are all "exceptions"- but they happen all the time, all over the country, from the same sources. So it's more of a running theme within a huge territory- like a lot of landmines in a big field that people who "aren't like that" planted deliberately & aren't the source of that (because what happens isn't what occurs in America).

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