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Getting a girl pregnant

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Re: Getting a girl pregnant

Post by Nomad » August 12th, 2016, 11:47 pm

This means the man would have to pay his ex wife alimony payments every month for as long as he lives! WTF? :shock:
This is why I don´t believe in equality. Can you imagine 2 men lining up and a judge says to 1 man.. "Hey.. your going to have to pay this guy for life.. fairs fair".

In the age of "Strong and Independent Women", they should not be rewarded lifetime gifts of money on a mans production. I would say the biggest reason for avoiding marriage is that The State has taken over marriage. And until they get the hell out of it, a man is not free to live his life as he pleases. The constitution is just a piece of paper.

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Re: Getting a girl pregnant

Post by livefreeordie » August 13th, 2016, 5:04 am

Wow more nails in the coffin of getting married to a western woman, I too have heard plenty of these kinds of stories in Australia, with many fathers even committing suicide after going through the horrors of 'family court'. Unfortunately in this satanically oriented system everything good including raising children is being used as a weapon it seems to further the communist manifesto

So back to the original topic, say if my friend knocked up a local girl, what do you think he can do? What are the basic requirements for child support, and the cultural implications if the girl has the baby? What would be the difficulties in raising the child, and the expectations of the mother to commit to her? My friend doensn't want to walk away, as in he wants to do the right thing, but at the same time doesn't feel ready to commit to this girl and get married either.

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Re: Getting a girl pregnant

Post by Wolfeye » August 13th, 2016, 7:27 am

I never got why having kids was seen the way it is, either. No more fun in life? Why & what's the difference? Americans don't tend to do much but work, anyway.

No more sex? Why? If she's done with all that, why not just agree that you'll have a mistress that you're straight-up with & take precautions? If the wife/girlfriend/whatever gets back in shape & actually bothers, I'd think it'd be good. Different positions seem to help, but I've never been with a woman that had kids.

Loss of money? Right off the bat, wasn't money FOR things instead of a type of score (in the eyes of people that either aren't liked, aren't trusted, or just aren't bothered with)? Also, why so much expense in the first place? Buying the kid a friggin' NASA computer to learn how to spell? Diapers don't need to be pricey- it's what the kid SHITS in!!!

Lots of effort? To an extent, but because someone can actually RAISE their kids & teach them things, they might not have to do everything for them or basically co-pilot everything the kid does. At least not for as many years as people do (it's like they try to do this until they're 18 & then think "Well, you're an adult now & you should be as competent as I want you to be). It's NOT nice to be needed!

Stressful? Sure, but at least it's something worth worrying about. Considering the constant state of worry, I'd think it wouldn't really be a change of pace. I guess that can always be an environmental thing, though. I know if I was having a kid in this country, I'd likely never be able to enjoy it because of how high-maintenance & increasingly menacing things are.

People act like their lives are over if they have kids- is that the way it was for them? Maybe they just didn't have much in their lives to begin with & it's more noticeable when they have kids, because there's the contrast? I don't people here tend to do much but work, find fault, and try to stay out of jail by any means that don't include dissolving laws or attacks.

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