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Filipino people are the most stupid people I have met.

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Filipino people are the most stupid people I have met.

Post by Zionosis » August 12th, 2016, 6:02 am

They seem to have zero scientific understanding, zero logical thinking. They have no sense of accountability, they are literally hopeless. They also take part in beliefs that are the most illogical I have ever seen, they take the prize as the most stupid people I have ever come across. In fact calling them people is nearly an insult to all the other people in the world.

1. They are Catholics, claim to be good by just saying they are a catholic. Yet they have one of the highest crime rates in the world and very immoral behavior in general. It's nearly like they think that calling themselves a Catholic makes them good people.

2. They attack anyone there who isn't circumcised and claim they aren't "real men". I thought this was a joke until I looked into it more and asked more Filipino people and it is in fact true.

3. They blame their government for all their own failures, their government is their scapegoat for all their failures. Every day you see in the Philippines that it sucks because the people are brain dead. They can't even drive on a road in an orderly fashion, and again seem to lack the idea of accountability.

4. They have zero knowledge about the history of their own damn country, most Filipino's I have talked to have no idea about how the Spanish invaded and built a lot of the Philippines during the Spanish Empire. Apparently these Filipino fools think that most of their cities and towns and even their own last names are Spanish just by a coincidence 0_o.

5. They have no idea that the Chinese thousands of years ago invaded the Philippines and interbred with the native people there (Negrito). Most Filipino's hate the Chinese today, yet most Filipino's are at least half Chinese in ancestry and China is responsible for most of the actual recent development in parts of the Philippines that actually are developed. Like Makati!

6. They have some strange illogical hate towards east Asians and they have strange beliefs regarding themselves and east Asians.

Regardless of history and DNA, many Filipino's believe that they are (pure Asian people) and that East Asian people are basically Filipino's that are half mixed with European people. This is their honest belief, no matter how illogical and how historic and DNA evidence actually proves the opposite. They still continue to want to believe that, aka an unwillingness to learn.

This whole belief they have is based on the fact that a half European and half Fili mixed person is paler than a regular Fili and that an East Asian is also paler than a regular Fili. So from that alone they ignorantly assume stupid things.

That's as retarded as if an African person claimed that East Asians are the result of Africans breeding with Europeans, as a half African and half European person is paler than a normal African. Sigh

Of course Fili's don't think in the form of logic.

They ignore science and genetics, they ignore their own history. They sit around making up anything to make themselves feel good, they deny the existence of Negrito etc.

In short, Filipino people are the most stupid people I have ever met.

Since neither Spanish Europeans or Chinese are inferior, the stupidity of the Filipino and the small cranial capacity must come from the Native Negrito mix. Which were small dark people who have very small craniums and were less intelligent than even an Australian Aboriginal.


That is where the stupidity originates from. They are the original people.

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Re: Filipino people are the most stupid people I have met.

Post by droid » August 12th, 2016, 6:31 am

Provide some context to this.
When did you go there? where were you before? What exact locations have you visited?
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