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Filipino people are the most stupid people I have met.

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Re: Filipino people are the most stupid people I have met.

Post by flowerthief00 » October 4th, 2018, 9:33 am

Yohan wrote:
October 3rd, 2018, 7:14 am
Why to continue to live in the States or in Western Europe as a man if you can easily move out to a place which fits you better?
Because the people are dumber, the standard of living is lower, crime is higher, everything is dirtier, food is worse, etc :wink:
I don't think this has anything to do with 'women have more sense than men'....
Look, when I said I can't imagine why anyone would want to settle down in the Philippines I didn't mean that literally. If I were to say (as I have before) that I can't imagine why anyone would buy an X-box when they could be buying a Playstation, I would not mean that literally either.

Of course I know why men do that. There are those two well-known pros to the Philippines: cheaper cost of living, and no feminism/gynocentrism.

Do two pros negate the slew of cons which I only barely got started on? No, not to me. I would say probably not to most people, if they are thinking soberly. Sure, your Western money goes a long way in an armpit such as the Philippines, but that is like taking a fine sofa out into the jungle. It may be nice to sit on your sofa, but hey, you are still in the jungle.

Can I conceive of someone for whom either or both of those two pros is SO important to him as to negate the long slew of cons? Sure. I think such a person would probably have to be a little bit crazy, though. Thus the comment about lacking sense.

I mean, take those facts you mentioned.... As always, Yohan, I do not argue with your facts. But you kind of phrased them as if women have choice and men have none. Men do have some choice.
not to forget to mention there is no financial risk for them
There is no financial risk for anyone, man or woman, in a thing if you don't invest in it. To invest in something is a choice.
men do not have this choice and therefore look for somebody living somewhere else
Men have the choice to not look for someone.
good for a woman to live there and file for divorce, but bad for a man if a divorce is initiated by his wife
Men have the choice to not get involved in the broken institution of marriage.

How much choice men do have doesn't get appreciated often enough imo. Unfortunately, we exercise it in a way that is detrimental to our gender over time. Namely, by competing against each other and being willing to settle for less and less and less.

Oh, Country A is going feminist now? Let's all run over to Country B with a shittier standard of living. Oh, Country B is going feminist now? Let's all run over to Country C with an even shittier standard of living. Let's keep this up until we run plumb out of shithole places to run to.

It's this kind of pitiful race to the bottom that I observe much more in men than in women and is the foundation for the thinking behind my offhand comment about men lacking sense. The phenomenon of beta cucks married to unrepentant whores also illustrates it.

If, in a wild fantasy that I know very well has a snowball's chance in hell of happening in the foreseeable future, men were to stop competing against each other and come together to end the mad gynocentrism overtaking the West, or even just to go on strike from being involved with women, we would end all this bullshit in very short order. Women are weaker than men. Women need men. Thus men have as much power as they are willing to assert. This current state of feminism, gynocentrism, and anti-male legal environment is not natural. It exists only because men compete against each other settling for less and less and less.

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Re: Filipino people are the most stupid people I have met.

Post by Zambales » October 4th, 2018, 10:01 am

flowerthief00 wrote:
October 4th, 2018, 9:33 am

Because the people are dumber
Plenty of dumb people in the West too. Anyway, I find the people in the Philippines to be more happier.
the standard of living is lower
Not necessarily. If you have money you can live a beneficial existence in a country like the Philippines because most things are cheaper.
crime is higher
Again. Not necessarily. For example there's a province in the Philippines that has a prison but no inmates.
everything is dirtier
The women aren't :lol:
food is worse, etc :wink:
Fair point!

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