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It Bothers Me how much Less Christian America is

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It Bothers Me how much Less Christian America is

Postby Eric » Wed Sep 07, 2016 2:59 am

I know this debate will rage on and never end. Still, many Europeans in particular have said to me, "Americans are so religious"...with a laughing mocking tone, indicating to me that, they are not. I mean, we are what we are okay - why does there have to be a reason for it? Why is there a problem.... why can't people just leave it alone. If the U.S. was founded or shaped like this, why do people have to freak out about it?
I'll be honest, the liberal mind-programming has really left me for dead, and messed me up when it comes to nearly almost everything in life. It put me off the rails, attacked the full of raunch and no ethics or morals, how is any of this good? I'm sorry, forgive me - but don't any of these European buffoons stop to think that "someone who is doing something so bad, and nasty - could have possibly no good intentions from the heart." I mean it's quite obvious, and yet Americans are blamed for being stupid/ignorant.

I was raised Christian, my mother was Roman Catholic and my father was from an Irish Protestant tradition. Church isn't necessarily important to them (it is to my Mother) ...but it has to do with culture & tradition.
I think that America has been historically hit with so much change, immigration... that we relied on religion exclusively - which is good. It helped us and is part of our heritage. So why's there a problem? Why do these godless people keep popping up and why do they never stop ... ?
I also think that America, out of all countries - has seen the most aggressive and foul media/political and even academic campaigns to try and destroy our morals, this is sick. No question about it. It angers me as insensitive when Europeans, Canadians or even some Americans don't see this.
I'm sick of being in the middle of a raging war - I can't stand it.
I just want to live, and most other people want to live as well.

The more you attack and dig your claws in - the more people cling harder to what they believe; this is basic psychology. It is going to happen, that is another reason Americans are so religious. Stop attacking our damn foundations all the time..then we might relax a little and, hear what you have to say.

Unless of course we know their agenda, and there is nothing good coming from it.
I guess you could call me a "Born again Christian", as I've picked up the figure and message of Jesus again, as I see it is something these dark forces hate for whatever reason; all of the forces that have given me grief and misery for the many years I grew up in America, they contributed nothing good, but always filled my mind with poison, greed, immorality, lust, etc.
How can I like or bend to these people? Or do what they want me to do - they are straight up evil.
I pick up Jesus - because you can't destroy Jesus, ha. Just look - they've tried, the more powerful he becomes. I pick up Jesus because whatever is evil hates him; so I cling to him.It's like they want you to just be accepting, let your guard down & be nice.... after they relentlessly attack you, your family, ethics, your soul, beliefs, everything - I'm supposed to believe that these sly foxes have good intentions for me? Yeah right. they will be the ones that kill me when I do that.

Someone that's nice to you only when you do what they want - and at any other times abuse you to control you; don't care about you, this is common sense.

I do not trust these people. I stay where I'm at.
"Above all else guard thy mind*(heart), from it all things in life spring forth from."
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Re: It Bothers Me how much Less Christian America is

Postby Nomad » Wed Sep 07, 2016 11:29 am

I am with you Eric, but also don't be surprised that evil hates the light.

Jesus, who did many miracles in his time, was persecuted and eventually killed on a cross. A man who committed no sin, by the very people he came to save. This is the world we live in, its dark, evil, and out to destroy who they can for personal interests.

You see evil doesn't care who its targets are, it just wants something to hurt. The politicians who are corrupt are feeding evil, but evil doesn't care about them either. Once the politicians are done hurting the average people, it will also attack and consume the politician.

Again, don't be surprised that evil hates the light and as you said it so yourself, we are in a war. When does the war end? When Jesus Christ comes back and claims his kingdom. Until then, it sounds like you need some rest and encouragement. Don't try to take on the world, we was never meant to hold up such a heavy burden. Rather win your personal battles first, and be a example unto others.
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Re: It Bothers Me how much Less Christian America is

Postby AW Warning » Thu Sep 08, 2016 10:07 pm

American women are demons! They're married to the devil. They have sold their very souls to Satan himself!

If you notice, the divorce rate is actually much higher among America's Christian population than it is among even the Atheist population. Divorce is especially immensely rampant in America's Bible belt area. My guess is, pretty much only the guys are actually Christian, and they married a woman who appeared to be christian but is actually a sockpuppet of Satan. And then the woman divorced the man because he's "too nice and too friendly/loving" for her. Only then does she show her true nature. One that is welded to the devil and absolutely rejects, hates, loathes, and abhors both God and Jesus.

American women are so full of the devil that they really may as well be even kicked out of every single church nationwide! Denied baptism, denied the right to the Holy Spirit, denied confession, everything.
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Re: It Bothers Me how much Less Christian America is

Postby nomadphilippines » Sat Sep 10, 2016 2:45 pm

ya more people need to believe made up stories and base their lives around them... cuz that makes things better
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