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Who wouldn't want to stay out of gated communities!

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Who wouldn't want to stay out of gated communities!

Post by traveller » September 9th, 2016, 12:52 am

And I mean, even if you are invited to a party or whatever it is in a gated community by a person who lives in the gated community. Of course, one night I made a crazy exception when I went to a meetup group having a pool party at the Colonial Country Club in Fort Myers, which is a gated community. The only other time I ever went into a gated community was with my parents when we went and visited my cousin when she lived in the Ruffled Feathers Golf Course community in Chicago's west suburb of Lemont, also a gated community. And I did not exactly like the idea either. To me, going into a gated community is about like going through airport security or even visiting someone in prison. That is why, unless it is something really major like a singles or Meetup event or something public that is really major, I generally try to deliberately stay out of gated communities, even if I know someone in there and even if he/she invites me over for something.

I also notice even the camera guys/vehicle for Google Street View don't go into gated communities either. My opinion is, they don't like going into gated communities either.

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Post by Ghost » September 9th, 2016, 8:39 am

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Re: Who wouldn't want to stay out of gated communities!

Post by Kradmelder » September 9th, 2016, 9:09 am

Many people here, whites and blacks, live in gated communities; walled off, security at the boom etc.. I hate the things. No gardens, no privacy and why must the innocent live behind bars? It is no life for a free man.

I like a nice big house with a big garden. What we do is formed a legal non profit armed response security company. We patrol our streets, each man does a shift every 3 weeks. All men over 40 here have been in the army or police. The vast majority infantry or mech and time on the border or townships. At least half the homes contribute to patrols and a few of us do the armed response. We have cameras at every entrance and a control room monitored 24/7. Any time more than 1 Bravo Mike or Charlie Mike (black males and coloured males) is spotted entering they radio the patrol unit and we pull them over. if they don't have an address they visiting we can call to verify out you go. End result is little crime. The young white males under 35 are generally useless and say it is too dangerous so don't pitch in. No sense of responsibility. You cant even shame them. i asked one 25 year old who is not even working and he said no it is dangerous. i asked him so it is OK for men your father's age who have families and jobs to go go to in the morning to take the risk so you can sleep safe?. No response.

Walled communities are for criminals and weak sisters too lazy or afraid to provide their own security.

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Re: Who wouldn't want to stay out of gated communities!

Post by NorthAmericanguy » September 11th, 2016, 12:41 am

I have been inside more gated communities then I can count. If you think the suburbs is boring, a gated community is even more boring and closed off from secioty.

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