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How do you think the defense wars will go in Europe?

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How do you think the defense wars will go in Europe?

Post by Wolfeye » October 15th, 2016, 1:19 pm

Hey, everyone. I figure a war in Europe of some sort is pretty likely, namely one against the "refugees" (I wonder why). Now, I figure that they're going to move across land instead of just flinging themselves into the water. So how does everyone think this scenario will go? Besides a massive upswing in gun-running & the possible national ties that might build?

(1) I'm thinking Eastern Europe will sooner gun then down than let them take over, but would likely suggest Germany pays for their deportation first. I see the Slavics & the other people of Eastern Europe gearing up & fighting them as needed. One of these jerk-offs is on their territory, acting like an asshole (or maybe not), and he or she gets dropped. More or less what a non-muslim that didn't look like the rest of the country could expect (likely without the child rape, of course).

(2) The Iberian (Spain & Portugal) I could see doing largely similar things, since they had a very severe history with the muslims & basically had to take their countries back in war. Would make more sense for them to simply block it off, rather than do the same type of thing once again. Spaniards seem like they can be very quick-tempered & are big on some of the macho stuff (which is not completely without it's positives- killing someone for trying to drag off your wife or kid would be included)

(3) Italy... I don't know what the f**k is going on with that. Of all people, the goddamn ITALIANS are bringing these people in by the thousands?! The fuckin' capital of Catholicism is in ITALY. ISIS even made threats against the Vatican. You could rest assured if I, a man of largely Italian heritage, were to make the same threats they'd likely kill me on the spot!

(4) Central Europe (Germany, France, England, maybe places like the Netherlands) will likely make some half-hearted attempt that will go a lot further than a lot of people would think, but I also figure it'll dump these "people" on the rest of Europe. Same for Scandinavia, except I think what DOES happen will likely be a lot more lethal. seems like they can be pretty serious people, when they finally get down to business (especially the Finns, for some reason).

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Re: How do you think the defense wars will go in Europe?

Post by JohnDoeBigBaller » October 15th, 2016, 9:06 pm

You can expect the complete breakdown of society. The media will no longer be able to push it's multicultural agenda because nationalists will start targetting the media as traitors too.

East Europe and far Western Europe will fight back. Middle Europe (Germany, france, italy) and the Scandanavian countries will probably make a weak attempt to fight back.

Things will have to get really bad before white people wake up and decide to fight back. Remember, white people have been brainwashed for decades with "Anti-racism" (anti-white) propaganda.

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